microsoft ramtest

  wis 00:28 09 Sep 2008

just ran test 8 passes
unsure of results as follows

results pass test cache address expected actual
1 1 lrand on 26fa0768 6bca1e93 6bca1693

can one of you chaps tell me what this means
got two sticks of ram, ill run again with one in
then other to see how they both compare

  Technotiger 07:59 09 Sep 2008

Why are you running these tests? One only normally runs these tests if you are having problems with your PC.

If you are having problems, it would be better to say so here, then you will probably get help to sort out your problem(s).

  wis 09:53 09 Sep 2008

yes indeed been having problems for a week or so
system shuts down, some times boots back up some
times not, goes in boot loop,ive run the normal
checkes,scannow,chkdsk, ect ect,unpluged all kit
removed any software not required,my last resort was this ram check, 1 512 stick comes back no errors,other stick on pass 33 now and its thowing
up error after error just checked progress
test winvc, cashe on, adress 195b1774, expected 7f7f7f7, actual 7ffd7f7f
does this mean new stick, sorry to be a bit green

  Technotiger 10:08 09 Sep 2008

Have you tried running with just the one good stick? If everything runs ok with that one stick, then yes, I would say one duff stick - replace it and all will probably be ok. I have had similar happen to me - with a new stick no less!

  wis 10:48 09 Sep 2008

many thanks will do, appears ok with good stick

  Technotiger 11:15 09 Sep 2008

OK - if all turns out well, and no reason for it not to, don't forget to Green-tick this thread Resolved.


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