Microsoft Publisher 97 / 2000 Conversion

  00edgarj 11:37 11 Jan 2003
  00edgarj 11:37 11 Jan 2003

I use Microsoft Publisher 2000 at home, but other computers I use, and people I send documents too have only Microsoft Publisher 97. When I need to transfer a document, I open it in Publisher 97 and am told that "Publisher cannnot load files from a newer version".

When I want to do this with Word files (2000 --> 97), there is an option in the "Save As file type" list box to choose Microsoft Word 97-2000 compatiable. THere is no such option in Publisher to carry files to Publisher 97.

Is there any way I can convert them so that I can share my publications to these other computers?



  Foolsbane_1 12:33 11 Jan 2003

Perhaps you could save it as HTML.

click here

  00edgarj 21:51 11 Jan 2003

Thanks - this is a good idea when the item will just need to be printed. However, I often start a document at home and aim to carry on with it on another PC, or often to make small changes to it before I print on it. Unfortunatly, the Publisher 97 is installed throughout a large network and I don't think they will be upgrading very soon!

Thanks anyway!

  Peter E 22:48 11 Jan 2003

I know of no way of converting Publisher 2000 docs to Publisher 97 - the program is not backwardly compatible; but as you know you can convert the other way. Neither is there a viewer for viewing publisher files if you don't have the program. There is, I understand, a program that converts publisher documents into Adobe Pagemaker documents - but this, I suppose, is of no help to you.

May be this idea is no good for what you require, but you can save the text portion of a Publisher document as a plain text file, edit it in any text editor program (Word or even another version of Publisher) and then re-import the text into the original document (Of course, plain text will contain no formatting). That's about all that can be done for what you require unless you can convince them to upgrade to publisher 2000.

Here's a useful link about saving as plain text...

click here


  Lú-tzé 22:59 11 Jan 2003

I don't know about publisher 97 but:

to save Pub2000 as pub 98, then go to save as and choose "publisher 98 files" from the drop down menu.

Seems to work for me between different machines / versions.

  Forum Editor 01:32 12 Jan 2003

files in Pub 97. As Lú-tzé says, you can save Pub 2000 files as Pub 98 files but that's as far back as it goes.

  Forum Editor 01:34 12 Jan 2003

that a good way to distribute such documents is to save them as pdf files - then anyone with Acrobat reader ( a free download) can view them. This method works well with Publisher files and you should get a very accurate reproduction of the page you created.

  00edgarj 10:47 12 Jan 2003

OK, it looks as though it will not be possible. I will find out about converting them to PDF - I may be able fo find a free PDF converter on the web.

Thanks anyway,


  Stuartli 12:52 12 Jan 2003

The decision not to make Publisher 2000 backward compatible was a wierd decision by Microsoft.

I use to have Pub 97 (now 98) and once received a 2000 file which I could not read, no matter how I tried; the MS Knowledge Base made it clear about the incompatibility.

I went to the MS chat rooms and the moderator offered to convert the file for me so it could be read.

After some thought I agreed. It came back within an hour and it turned out that the moderator was the assistant manager of the Hotel Waldorf in New York!

He added a note stating I would be very welcome to pop in and have a meal and a bite to eat if I was ever in New York.....:-)

  Stuartli 12:53 12 Jan 2003

..should be "a drink and a bite to eat"

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