Microsoft Power Toys

  J B 11:24 04 Nov 2005

Has anyone ever used any MS Power toys, and if so could you recommend a small list of the most effective and easy to use that will not mess up the system. I have heard that the gold standard is Tweak UI and that you should get it on your system before MS puts them out to pasture, in case it is ever wanted. I just want to know if it is worth it go get them on my system or not. Thanks for any suggestions that are offered. J.B.

  Jackcoms 11:39 04 Nov 2005

Assuming you use XP, they're all here click here

I've used TweakUI, Desktop Manager, Power Calculator, Wallpaper Changer and Image Resizer with no problems at all.

  amonra 11:41 04 Nov 2005

Remeber the golden rule, ... If it aint broke dont fix it !!!

  Jackcoms 11:43 04 Nov 2005

Uh?? How does that apply?

Power Toys are just that - toys. They're not designed to fix anything.

  originalmiscellany 11:49 04 Nov 2005

image resizer the most. Really useful esp when emailing photos etc to relatives.

Tweak UI is the other one I use, to remove the "SHORTCUT TO" text which appears on shortcuts/ change location of favourites etc

  VoG II 12:02 04 Nov 2005

TweakUI and SyncToy click here

  Stuartli 13:04 04 Nov 2005

The Webcam Timershot could prove useful for some people who may wish to know what is happening whilst away from their system.

I do like the Image Resizer and others praise the ClearType Tuner.

  J B 14:37 04 Nov 2005

At present,I have; TweakUI, Desktop Manager, Power Calculator, ClearType Tuner, and CalculatorPlus. I am trying to decide between the two calculators so the jury is still out onthat one. I hear tell that TweakUI should be used carefully or it will mess your system up, is this true or not? ClearType and Desktop Manager I am going to keep for sure as I like them both, so if you could let me know about TweakUI I would appreciate it very much. Thanks. J.B.

  sunny staines 15:12 04 Nov 2005

what is clearType ?

  originalmiscellany 15:14 04 Nov 2005

makes text clearer to read on the screen...

Get display properties up,


then under
"Use the following method... to screen edge of fonts"

make sure that cleartype is selected.

The Powertoy allows you to adjust and "calibrate" the setting better to your computer.

  Stuartli 15:19 04 Nov 2005

TweakUI should be used as appropriate - an alternative is Fresh UI from click here (of FreshDownload fame), which is constantly updated or Tweak-XP Pro from click here (of Firetune Firefox fame) which can be used in demo form for a while.

Personally I prefer to do any system configuration manually...:-)

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