Microsoft Outlook versus Thundrbird

  compumac 14:53 25 Mar 2015

For many years the family have used Microsoft Outlook for e-mails, contacts etc.

One of the family has experienced quite a number of problems of late when using Outlook in that the PC freezes. We have been looking and using Thunderbird for some days now find it relatively user friendly and wonder at the advantages/disadvantages of one or the other.

Any comments out there?

  compumac 14:54 25 Mar 2015

I hate misspelt words - therefore - Thunderbird

  wee eddie 15:38 25 Mar 2015

One assumes that you are referring to Outlook which is part of Ms Office.

Does your PC freeze under any other circumstances, as leaving MS Outlook would mean that you were losing your Contacts database. It may be possible to sort the Freezes with loosing Outlook.

Perhaps describe the conditions of the freezes and we could try to sort that for you.

Your Computer Specs, the version of Office and Windows you are using and the Security Programs that you have active at the present, would be useful.

  AroundAgain 16:05 25 Mar 2015

With regard to saving contacts in Outlook, is it not possible to save as csv files?

If so, they can then be imported easily into Thunderbird.

I appreciate there are other issues related to changing from Outlook to Thunderbird. I've not used Outlook but I do use Thunderbird and like it very much. As far as I know, Tb starts up quicker than Outlook though.

  compumac 17:00 25 Mar 2015

wee eddie.

I believe it to be just a corrupt .pst file as nothing else freezes. I do know that I can delete the .pst file and thereby create another, but....

Wee eddie/AroundAgain

I am not really bothered about transferring contacts as we do not now rely on Microsoft Outlook(Office version) for contacts.

I am only curious as to the benefits or otherwise of moving to Thunderbird.

  compumac 18:06 25 Mar 2015

I should perhaps have phrased the query differently---

What do others use as their e-mail client?

  wee eddie 21:42 25 Mar 2015

You can delete a .pst file but you will lose all stored information, unless you have it set up to create backups.

As far as I know. You delete one it creates a new, but empty one. However there are ways of recovering a corrupt .pst. someone else will have to tell you how.

  compumac 21:58 25 Mar 2015

wee eddie

Thanks, but realise that. I have deleted many .pst files in the past when they have become too unwieldy and am not bothered about losing data as such ,as when you resurrect it you are still able to download earlier e-mails if not deleted on the server.

  lotvic 22:06 25 Mar 2015

I use Thunderbird, does everything I need. I like feature of being able to save a copy of an email (or all or as many emails as I wish to) to any folder on harddrive - such as in My Documents - (Highlight the email, click on File, Save As, File, and browse to folder). I can then open the saved copy .eml independently without having to go through the import farce. (note: the original email is still in the folder in Thunderbird)

  compumac 22:15 25 Mar 2015


In Outlook you can view the sender and subject without opening the body text, can you do that in Thunderbird?

  lotvic 22:42 25 Mar 2015

Yes, you can choose which columns to display, rightclick on a column header to get the popup menu and tick as desired (or at the very right end of column names is a little icon that you can click on to get the same popup menu)

I'm still discovering more features :)

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