microsoft outlook running slow or not connecting

  jackwalsh 10:04 24 Apr 2013

Hi, I have been using hotmail for years now with very few problems.Since having to change to Outlook,with no choice in the matter,I am becoming increasingly frustrated with how Outlook is running/operates.For one,the actual layout,including hard to see highlighting,is poor.Also it runs slow,even when I'm not doing anything else,and quite a lot of the time is 'unable to connect to Outlook at this time',even though all other websites/programmes etc work fine. Anyone else having these problems and ,if so,are they just teething troubles? Any advice given is most appreciated.Thanks.

  Woolwell 11:36 24 Apr 2013

Which browser are you using to view

Are your download speeds good?

  jackwalsh 12:27 24 Apr 2013

Using IE8,can't upgrade to higher as I'm still on Windows XP Home.Most likely going to upgrade my PC in the new year.Download speeds fine.

  Woolwell 12:38 24 Apr 2013

I think that you'll have to wait for an user to comment.

  wee eddie 13:23 24 Apr 2013

Woolwell: You make a very good point ~ '' not 'Outlook'

  tonyq 13:36 24 Apr 2013

jackwalsh I am finding the same problems as yourself, since the change from Hotmail to

  DavidStanely 10:52 25 Apr 2013

When Outlook is running much slower than normal, try running Outlook in cached mode.

If problem still exists then you need to optimize your PC and also optimize internet to fix this issue. If problem still exists then use system utility tool like PCFresher, it will not only optimize PC but will also optimize internet to it's peak performance.

  Woolwell 11:35 25 Apr 2013

Cached mode is irrelevant in this case as we are referring to and webmail not Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.

The post about PCFresher looks suspiciously like spam.

  DavidStanely 11:57 25 Apr 2013

To fix outlook running slow problem you need to optimize your browser and internet. Try these troubleshooting steps:

Update your browser

Update drivers that control your PC

Remove unwanted tool-bars

Remove unnecessary Add-ons

Stop unwanted background running services and programs

Update Flash Player

Update Java

Restart Router

  ackerleyhill 11:35 30 Apr 2013

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  michaelw 12:04 30 Apr 2013

I have exactly the same problem. I use Chrome, IE8 and CoolNova and Firefox in xp. It is slow to respond and freezes. It's utterly useless. I also have the same problem using Vista and IE9. I've complained and asked if it's possible to revert to Hotmail but to no avail.

But I suppose you have to put up with these things if we use free emailing.

Even my Yahoo account was hacked into for the purpose of spamming, from a mobile in Egypt on Saturday.

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