Microsoft outlook, rtfhtml.dll problem

  morris948 18:06 08 Apr 2003

Hi. My PC is a P4 2.0Gb 256Mb memory running Windows XP pro with Svc Pack 1, i recently upgraded my Office 2000 to office XP but i encountered an error with Outlook which gave a 'missing pstprx.dll' i gave up trying to find the answer to this, i decided to load the Office 2000 just loading the Outlook only, i got it to work but now i have 6 messages waiting to download the first message comes down ok but the 2nd message gives 'outlook encountered an error and must close' the detail of the error is as follows:
error signiture,app name:outlook.exe app ver 900.2416 mod name: rtfhtml.dll
i've tried several times to reload the outlook but it still persists with this fault. Any Ideas!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:12 08 Apr 2003

This can happen if you have both Outlook 2002 (XP) and Outlook 2000 on the same computer. Remove both versions of Office and then re-install the version you will be using.

click here gives further info.


  morris948 20:02 08 Apr 2003

I did as you suggested, deleted the Office XP and 2000, after reload the outlook now works...but.. the inbox shows all my messages as it should but if i open contacts,or any other folder it says the folder does not exist, and when i click on 'inbox' it also says the folder does not exist.
if i close the outlook and reopen, the inbox is there again and only stays open as long as i dont use any functions, i can recieve and send messages ok, what could be wrong!

  morris948 20:25 08 Apr 2003

I dicovered that i can view all the functions as long as i use the drop down list next to the address bar, but the left hand pane (shortcut) window wont open any folders ,just declares them as non existent.

  No Ideas 21:17 08 Apr 2003

Try Help, Detect & Repair ... might not fix your problem, but perhaps worth a shot

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