Microsoft Outlook - Repeatedly asked for password

  compumac 10:02 13 Jan 2012

Within Microsoft Outlook I have 5 e-mail addresses and for two and sometimes three of them, the dialogue box comes up repeatedly asking "Type your user name and password" and comes back immediately you have either clicked "OK" or closed it down with the X in the top right hand corner of the dialogue box. I have on each of the e-mail accounts tried the repair option and after some time a confirmation e-mail is received indicating it is functioning OK and then we go through the whole process again and again. This situation has become increasing worse such that today the screen becomes filled with "Type your name and password". I had this situation years ago but cannot for the life of me remember as to the solution. Hopefully someone out there will know?

  Ian in Northampton 11:33 13 Jan 2012

This happens to me occasionally, but always rights itself. I put it down to some sort of issue at the ISP's end.

  rawprawn 11:42 13 Jan 2012

You could try Creating new Profile, this sometimes works Create New Profile

Be sure to backup your current Outlook so that you can import all your old contacts calendars and emails into the new profile. I have had some success with this, but as Ian in Northampton says, it could well be an ISP problem.

  compumac 11:42 13 Jan 2012

Thanks for reply. I have checked on one of my other PC's (PC2) with the same e-mail accounts and the problem does not exist on that one. I also found that on PC2, I sent e-mails to each of the other accounts and they were received on PC2 but not on the first PC. The main account does not appear to be effected on either PC, only subsidiary accounts.

  Woolwell 12:03 13 Jan 2012

Unless you have ticked for e-mails to remain on server or you are using imap then when they are received on PC2 then they will not be available to be downloaded to the first pc.

Suggest that you check the account settings and in particular the advanced settings. It is almost certainly worthwhile increasing the server timeout to around 4 mins. It could be that the first pc is having a delay in response from the server and then prompting for the password which is fairly typical for connection problems with the server.

  compumac 12:41 13 Jan 2012

Woolwell E-mails are left on the server. In respect of the timeout, I was not aware of that option - I have now changed, as you suggested to 4 minutes although PC2 had the same timeout at one minute. Worth a try anyway.

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