Microsoft Outlook Problems.....

  Dirty Dick 21:05 17 Feb 2007

...after I boot up, I can open up Outlook, and it goes throgh the process of downloading e-mails from my ISP server. I have several e-mails in my Junk E-mail folder, and I click on to open the folder, I then try to delete the e-mails, but the laptop freezes. I can close Oulook, but then when I try to open Outlook, either from the task bar, shortcut or the Program Memu, I get the egg timer showing, and then nothing happens. I can shut down the laptop, reboot and I can go through the process of opening Outlook and we are back to the same point....

I am running Windows XP Pro, with SP2, and AVG Free. Can anybody help?



  STREETWORK 21:10 17 Feb 2007

If you are running AVG 6 update to AVG 7 and try again.

click here

  Dirty Dick 21:19 17 Feb 2007

No, running 7.5, and Outlook is 2003

  Technotiger 21:25 17 Feb 2007

I have not looked through this lot, but you might find something here ...

click here

Or ... you could try System Restore back to before you had the problem.

  STREETWORK 21:28 17 Feb 2007

Are you running any other active virus or adware scanners at the same time? If so disable all but AVG...

  User-312386 21:30 17 Feb 2007

It sounds as if outlook has thrown the ususal loopy

If you carry out an archive all will be well

  Dirty Dick 21:30 17 Feb 2007

Only have AVG on laptop

  Dirty Dick 11:32 20 Feb 2007

... also after the initial problem, when I close Outlook and attempt to re-open, I get a dilaogue box headed Microsoft Outlook saying "Operation Failed"

  silverous 11:38 20 Feb 2007

Is it a particular email that causes it to freeze...i.e. if you try deleting some but not all does it work?

  Dirty Dick 11:47 20 Feb 2007

I'm beginning to think that it may be one particular pice of Junk e-mail. It has happened on several occasions, and the way I have just overcome it is by opening Outlook, but RIGHT clicking in the Junk E-Mail folder and deleting all WITHOUT viewing them. It only happens on my Laptop, not on my Desktop, and both are configured so they both receive ALL e-mails. I'll keep an eye on what comes in, and keep all posted.

  silverous 12:15 20 Feb 2007

That suggests that it is one in particular. The brief research I did suggested the same - maybe a URL in one that goes off to a particular site or something. Hope it stays ok.

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