microsoft outlook operation failed

  JON99 09:20 21 Mar 2004

I've nearly managed to transfer everything to a new hard drive (with a lot of help from this forum)but I've got one last problem that I'm struggling with. MS outlook loads up with out a hitch but when asked to send/recieve it puts up the message "operation failed". In "tools" - "e-mail accounts" I again get the "operation failed" message along with "THIS IS DUE TO A REGISTRY OR INSTALLATION PROBLEM" it advises restart or re-istallation both of which I've tried to no effect. Any ideas?

  VoG II 09:41 21 Mar 2004

Which version of Outlook?

Mail profile damaged? click here

  Brian-336451 09:43 21 Mar 2004

You don't say what version of Outlook and which operating system you are using - that always helps people to try and help you.

Depending on version have you tried in the re-install part of Microsoft Office going for the repair option.

Also, did you transfer the outlook.pst file intact then import it into your present installed version?

  JON99 10:04 21 Mar 2004

sorry for lack of is MS outlook 2002 SP 1 running (or not) on XP pro. The transfer was done with a bit of free software as recommended in this forum, the name escapes me at the moment, so I didn't transfer the pst file specifically although all current mail appears on the new drive. I'm sure I've already run the repair option from the office disk but it was late last night so I'll do it again just to be sure.Thanks for the help, I need it!

  VoG II 10:08 21 Mar 2004
  JON99 10:23 21 Mar 2004

I thought it was going to be easy then....I ought to know better. I got as far as clicking the "add" button in an attempt to create a new profile, but when I do nothing happens! the copy butten gives me an option to copy the existing outlook profile but that doesn't work anyway. MAybe I should have been content with 40gig of hard drive?

  Brian-336451 13:18 21 Mar 2004

When you copied the pst file (presumably on to a cd) you have to remove the read only attribute before it will function upon reinstallation. (Took me ages to find this out).

Basically copy the pst file to a convenient location (I keep mine away from the partition with the operating system such that should I have to reinstall or Ghost reinstall the OS, it will not affect my data).

Find and delete the Outlook.pst file that the programme created in its reinstallation - usually C:\Documents and Settings\your name etc etc.

Do a search and delete it.

Restart Outlook which will now bleat that it can't find outlook.pst. Make sure that you right clicked your (data) outlook.pst and remove the read only attribute.

Browse the bleat message to the place where you've stored your outlook.pst, the system may well now work perfectly. (It might not, but at least you'll know its not this that is causing the problem).

  JON99 17:39 21 Mar 2004

Thanks Brian
I deleted the pst file and restarted outlook but there was no change to anything so I checked to see if the file was still deleted and as it was I rebooted the whole system and still no change, no bleat, no nothing just outlook functioning as it should, even without the pst file, until I try to send or recieve or check the "e-mail acconts" tab where I get "operation failed".
If I uninstall outlook and then re-install and copy in the pst file would I have my old outlook again?

  JON99 21:18 21 Mar 2004

I think I've got there! regscrub and re-install seems, at first glance, to have solved the problem. thanks to all who contributed, I am always do you know this stuff!
thanks again Jon

  Brian-336451 13:21 23 Mar 2004

Most of us probably can identify with the above. Now you are a member of that.

I look after 3 or 4 people's computers, who often ask me how I know stuff.

Some of it is in the Help stuff from magazines, some comes from this very site, but most of it comes from the title.

The nice thing is when we read comments like your last one, where you've solved your problem, there is immense satisfaction in that.

I for one consider the hair loss offset when I see a green tick.

Well done, and well done for sticking with it.

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