microsoft Office Word 2007 frustrating

  hawthorn59 03:34 11 Sep 2010

I used to have MS Works, but at last got office 2007. Im beginning to regret it. I find Word in it so awkward at times. First the default setting seems to be 1.15 spacing instead of 1. Also it appeared on the screen to be more than 1 space between lines, I adjusted something to do with space after paragraphs which seemed to fix that.

However, I cannot select a portion of text and set it to, say, 2.0 (double) spaced, without the whole document changing too. Im almost certain i used to be able to do that in humble Works? Help!


  wiz-king 08:04 11 Sep 2010

2nd bit first - highlight the paragraphs you want double spaced > format paragraph > adjust spacing to 2. (I cant quite remember the exact key presses! Same for the first problem you need to set both spaces before and after to 0.

I have ditched 2007 and gone back to 2003 after several months of trying to use the new interface --- Luddites rule!)

  Marko797 09:50 11 Sep 2010

stick with it, & you will see that 2007 (and 2010) is superb once you become familiar with it. The Help section (F1 key) is also very good if you get stuck...don't be a Luddite.

  HondaMan 10:16 11 Sep 2010

See this thread
click here

  Marko797 10:23 11 Sep 2010

Yes, I know the thread, which you started; I contributed to it and commented more or less the same as I have here. I guesss from your reply that u still have issues with your particular version?

  Marko797 10:28 11 Sep 2010

look at the entry for 25th August which provides interactive menu to ribbon guides for the 2010 MS Office...and before u ask, no I don't work for Microsoft. I've not tried the links as I'm reasonably comfortable with the software, but some might find the site itself useful:

click here

  BRYNIT 10:30 11 Sep 2010

If you want it to open as Word 2003 without the spacing.

From the Home tab click on the AA change style this is to the right of the style section. Go down to style select this will give you a list select Word 2003.

  northumbria61 10:35 11 Sep 2010

MS Word 2007 - I don't use it much but it does take time to get used to it - BUT I will never understand why Microsoft took a perfectly good program (2003 version) and changed it all around and by that I mean changed EVERYTHING. I like programs to be updated but not to this extent - it really doesn't make sense. There must be a lot of dissatisfied people out there who will be sticking to Office 2003. Of course we all know what will happen next - MS will stop all support for Office 2003.

  Pine Man 11:06 11 Sep 2010 here

If we followed your logic I would be driving round in a Model T Ford unless the development of the wheel had been considered an unnecessary upgrade;-)

  northumbria61 11:19 11 Sep 2010

Pineman - I am not opposed to upgrades but it is my opinion that there was no need to change Microsoft Word so DRASTICALLY - almost EVERY feature of it was changed making it difficult to navigate (borne out by the many disgruntled users) UNTIL one gets used to it.

Maybe I should get rid of my Lamborghini and go back to my Micra - it was easier to drive !!

  Marko797 11:26 11 Sep 2010

I think it's called 'progress'...& the more u use it, the more familiar it becomes; much like anything else really.

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