Microsoft Office Word 2007

  podlod 17:41 05 Aug 2011

Hi,It seems to me that whatever i seem to modify in Word 2007, for example; Font, Heading, Page layout, what ever view I choose it always reverts back to its original state when shutting down, even when I ok it at the time. How can I modify something which will permanently stay how I wish it to be without having to revert the way I wish it to be? Thanks for any help.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:00 05 Aug 2011

Are you wanting to modify the default document that automatically opens when you start Word? If you are then this should help:

Change the Normal template (Normal.dotm )

  Woolwell 18:05 05 Aug 2011

You need to change the normal template see link text

  Woolwell 18:06 05 Aug 2011

Cross posted.

  podlod 10:35 06 Aug 2011

Hi, I have carried out your instructions following your link. Firstly changed Font from calibri to Times Roman, then changed size font from 11 to 12, I clicked top left hand office button, changed to save doc template, clicked save and came back to desktop. Opened up word 2007 and it reverted back to original settings of Calibri, and Font 11? What am I doing wrong?

  woodchip 10:43 06 Aug 2011

This is not for word but may put you on the right lines, look in File for Page Setup in the top menu, or something else to do with page setup

  Pine Man 10:50 06 Aug 2011

Open up Word. Press ctrl then D which will open the font dialogue box. Now select the font type and size then click on 'default' in the bottom left hand corner.

  mimosa418 13:19 06 Aug 2011

Podlod The following works for Word 2010 and I believe it is the same for Word 2007. I use Windows XP The template you saved should be available if you go to File/New/ My Templates. To have your template as the default you require to make it the Normal template as follows. All templates are stored at C:\Documents and Settings*user*\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates. ser being your own account name. Rename normal.dotm to normal.old or something similar which you can revert to in a disaster. Then locate your stored template and rename it to normal.dotm When you next open Word your document should be based on your new template.

  gengiscant 14:03 06 Aug 2011

Or you could do as I have done open word the change the font etc to what ever you want then save the blank document somewhere,I have a folder on my desktop with various templates and blank docs.I have one that is saved as Glenn headed, which has my address details already on the document, but it must be saved as something else once the document is written or I will not have the blank document to open another time.

  gengiscant 14:04 06 Aug 2011

PS,so you are still alive then Brian?

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