Microsoft Office: which one?

  skeletal 17:48 14 May 2004

I never thought this would be so hard! PLEASE is anyone out there an Office Developer??

I am developing a software package based on Access 2000, (but including running "virtual" Word). I want to convert this to "run time".

I thus want "Office Developer" (2003 as it is the most uptodate version). But, a supplier says you can't get "Office Developer" now, it is replaced by "Visual Studio Tools for Office 2003", and I have been quoted £60. a much more advanced Office that "Professional" (about £400 or so) is only £60?? I don't think so!

But looking on the web, I have found two identically named products, one at $80 and another about $500 (in the USA obviously). The cheap one has a code U74-00017, the expensive one U74-00103.

The uSoft web site is also very confusing...they don't give a product code at all...and it's their product!!!

So, has ANYONE got either of these, and which do I need to convert my Access 2000 project to run-time?

A strange question, but someone may know.


  Sir Radfordin 18:28 14 May 2004

As a stab in the dark could it be that the cheaper version is some kind of 'add on' that has to be used with a full version of office?

  skeletal 19:03 14 May 2004

Hmm...maybe! In which case, as I have a full version of Office, but 2000, I wonder if the add-on 2003, would work with 2000??!!!

Oh dear...I wonder if I can find a microsoft sales person...there must be a sales part in the UK...I'll have to have a look.

It would be helpfull if everything wasn't called the same (or nearly the same) thing!


  Sir Radfordin 22:28 14 May 2004

These people click here have had a fairly good reputation for knowing the MS product range so you may want to give them a call.

  skeletal 11:11 15 May 2004

Thanks for the link!

There looks to be some useful stuff....I'll get there yet.

I always find it's really hard to get people to take money off me (please Mr/Ms supplier let me buy something)!!!


  Sir Radfordin 11:37 15 May 2004

If that doesn't yeild a result then try the FE (he may spot this post or send him a message) as I'm sure he has contacts within MS who should be able to provide an answer - then again given the time it took them to find out about OEM licences perhaps not ;)

  skeletal 11:41 15 May 2004

Ah good ever, the answer will be REALLY the person who knows!

I did try Softcat, but as I expected there was no reply (being Saturday) I the only person to work 24/7?? I don't know, what's the world coming to, I even heard that some people "go on holiday" whatever that means!!!

Thanks again


  skeletal 16:35 17 May 2004

I'll tick this as resolved and would offer a word of praise to Softcat (the link Sir Radfordin posted); and thanks to Sir Radfordin for the link!

Softcat were very helpful, but sadly I could not offer them an order because of the bulk licensing between the company for which I work, and Microsoft.

The reason I was so confused is that the two products ARE the same. The big price difference is due to volume licensing deals...a £350 difference is amazing!

Also, it is true that you can't get "Office Developer" any more; it has been split between Office 2003, and the "Visual Studio".

I now pray that VS 2003 will "transform" my Office 2000!!!


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