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  Chadders1989 20:45 09 Mar 2009

I recently bought a copy of Microsoft office using a voucher I received from my university. As it was quicker to download the files directly from Microsoft than wait for a CD, this is the method I used.
Subsequently I have bought a new laptop. Is there a way to copy the office suite to my new laptop, or to re-download the files?



  interzone55 21:47 09 Mar 2009

Do you have the original download file?

If so reinstall it and install using your original key.

If you have the original download file then you can download it from the same location as you got it originally...

**Remember it will have to be un-installed from your original PC as your licence is only for a single computer**

  lotvic 22:05 09 Mar 2009

I think you will find that MS Office can be installed on 3 of your own computers.

  Chadders1989 22:33 09 Mar 2009

thanks for the suggestions.
I can't find the email I was sent when I originally downloaded the file, thought If it is true that the suite can be used on 3 computers it seems ridiculous that I would have to buy another one even after paying once.
Any other ideas?

  DieSse 22:55 09 Mar 2009

Or change to Open Office and forget about paying for an office suite for ever (and save the taxpayers money).

  lotvic 23:35 09 Mar 2009

I have Office 2003, when I open Word > Help > About Microsoft Office Word, and I then click on 'View the End User Licence Agreement' it tells me I can install on 2 machines:

"1. GRANT OF LICENSE. Microsoft grants you the following rights provided that you comply with all terms and conditions of this EULA:
1.1 Installation and use. You may:
(a) install and use a copy of the Software on one personal computer or other device; and
(b) install an additional copy of the Software on a second, portable device for the exclusive use of the primary user of the first copy of the Software."

Some are for 3 machines, if there is no link on your Word > Help menu then:

For your version check the three-letter license designation - where to look, from click here
Now download the Retail License Terms, OEM License Terms, and Media-less License Kit Terms for 2007 Microsoft Office system desktop application software - there is a link for it on click here you will have to download the .exe which contains both the .pdf and XPS files.

  Forum Editor 00:26 10 Mar 2009

of the Home and Student edition of Microsoft Office 2007, and I assume you have, your licence allows you to install the software on up to three computers, provided that:

1. The machines are all at the same residential address.

2. That they are used by people who permanently reside there.

So go ahead and install the original download on your new machine. As far as I'm aware you must use the original downloaded file - I don't think Microsoft will let you make another download.

  Chadders1989 01:36 11 Mar 2009

I have found the email which i was sent linking me to the Microsoft Office download. When i now go on this site and click download, i get an error message saying i only had 30 days to download the product. However when i first purchased there was an option of either digital download, or request of a CD. therefore i imagine i should be entitled to at least one more download?

  Chadders1989 01:39 11 Mar 2009

The promotion was called "The Ultimate Steal", and was valid for Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007. I was directed to website digital river store.

  Chadders1989 01:40 11 Mar 2009

I am unsure where to find, "the original downloaded file" as mentioned in a couple of posts?

  lotvic 00:42 12 Mar 2009

It will be on your pc wherever you downloaded it to.
Have a look in 'My Computer' > explore
to see if you can spot it (might even be in 'Downloaded file'). You must have clicked on some sort of setup.exe when you installed it.

I would also suggest it would be worth contacting Microsoft Office support and asking for the CD
You will need to provide proof of purchase

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