Microsoft Office 97 Pro

  geedad 10:26 11 Dec 2007

I have an original genuine copy of MS Office Pro installed, but seems corrupt.
It is not visible in the Add/Remove section, therefore I cannot uninstall it. I can see all of the programs in the Start Menu listings, but none have an uninstaller.
Is it OK to re-install MS Office on top of the existing programs, without uninstalling?
Also, if my existing CD does not load, for some reason, would Microsoft help?
(I am asking the Forum members first, since it takes days for answers from MS!)
Window Xp Sp2, Sony PCV-RS404, 3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 HT,ATI Radeon 9200.

  MAJ 10:31 11 Dec 2007

When you start the installation process, it should give you the option of whether to install or to uninstall what's already there.

  Taff™ 11:39 11 Dec 2007

I think you have to insert the original CD and then as MAJ says it will give you the option to uninstall the components.

  geedad 12:31 11 Dec 2007

When my original CD is inserted, I get a message about the original installation drive, and I cannot install or uninstall Office 97 from the Control Panel. When I open the CD, I can see all of the Office files, but any attempt to run "setup" or Autorun or whatever, fails.
I have always kept the CD in a safe environment and cannot understand why it does not respond.
So heres my problem!
I cannot UN-install, neither can I INstall, so I am stumped!

  MAJ 13:02 11 Dec 2007

".....I get a message about the original installation drive.."

What does the message say, geedad?

  geedad 13:40 11 Dec 2007

With the Office Pro in my E drive, I OPEN to a complete listing of all Office apps,etc.
However, when I try to use the ACMESETUP a message read" SETUP is unable to open the data file.
Run setup again from where you originally ran it"

  MAJ 13:49 11 Dec 2007

You're looking for a "setup.exe" file, geedad, not an 'ACMESETUP'. If you can't see the file extensions (.exe, .txt, etc.) open My Computer and go to Tools > Folder Opptions > View tab and untick the "Hide extensions for known file types" option, then click Apply and OK to exit. Now look on the CD for a setup.exe file.

  BRYNIT 14:16 11 Dec 2007

If I remember if the CD/DVD drive letter has changed since installing Office it will have problems finding the information on the CD as it is searching another drive.

If you have 2 CD/DVD drives try putting it into the other drive.

  geedad 15:03 11 Dec 2007

Using your info, I managed to successfully re-install Office.
However, my email configuration has gone!
I have 2 new icons on my Desktop. MS Outlook and Setup for MS Internet Explorer 3.2 !!
How can I retrieve my previous email program?
Thank you for your previous help.
See above, thanks

  Diemmess 15:26 11 Dec 2007

From memory I think you must have installed every application from the from the CD. Don't try either of the "new" ones.

It may be possible now to look for each in turn in Add/Remove programs and uninstall it, or perhaps run the original CD again and look for removing individual items there, some installations will allow this, but I'm not sure about Office 97.

(This is a reversal of using your choice of what to, and not to, install at the original installation)

  MAJ 15:30 11 Dec 2007

Which email program were you using, geedad? If it was Outlook 97, search your hard drive for a .PST file. If Outlook Express, search for .DBX files. Those files will hold the emails for the respective programs........ if they haven't been deleted.

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