Microsoft Office 2010 excel sort problem

  Terry Brown 16:14 21 Mar 2013

Updating an Excel database on 2010, I used the custom sort (Sort by field One then Field Two).

The result was a complete mismatch of my data, with the data in the wrong places.

Is this a fault with Excel 2010, as Excel 2003 never had this problem


  compumac 16:25 21 Mar 2013

Did you select ALL of the relevant data?

  Terry Brown 16:44 21 Mar 2013

I have 6 columns of Data (a to f) and about 400 rows, consisting of : Dates (In stock): Descriptors (name):sale Price:Lowest:Highest and expiry dates.

With 2003 , you selected a column (e.g. Number)and it sorted every item across all 6 rows keeping them all perfectly lined up, and this included multiple item sort.

2010 seems to work to a different system and does not do this.


  compumac 17:35 21 Mar 2013

But did you select ALL the data - six columns and all rows within your sort -ie ALL of the data required to be sorted? Select ALL data and then sort by by the required column(s)?

  Terry Brown 10:24 22 Mar 2013


Normally you select any one cell, and select the sort you want and this is done for all data -keeping the rows in the correct sequence. If you try to select all the data it does not work, and tells you to select a cell

  compumac 10:57 22 Mar 2013

Terry I have used Excel 2003 and at this time am using Excel 2007 and the sort function works perfectly by selecting ALL data and then selecting by column and sort on cell values. Have you tried creating another small spreadsheet and try sort on that as it occurs to me that there might be a problem with the spreadsheet that you are working on?

  HenryF75 11:10 22 Mar 2013

As Terry Brown said In Outlook 2010 only select one cell and click on sort the other columns will follow the selected cell. The sort will be upset if you select a column. Then only the selected column will be sorted.

  compumac 11:52 22 Mar 2013

HenryF75. You learn something new every day. I was not aware of that as I do not have Excel 2010 only Excel 2003 and 2007. Still does not sort out his problem though.

  lotvic 12:02 22 Mar 2013

HenryF75 That doesn't sound right, because if you have only selected one column you will not get the options for the other columns/fields in a custom sort. I get a popup telling me there is other data in adjoining cells and warning me they will not be sorted. (but that is in Excel 2003)

  xania 12:16 22 Mar 2013

I have Office 2010 and have not to date experienced this problem, except where I have accidentally selected one or more columns before using the sort - but as lotvic points out, even then I do get a warning.

To be safe, best select the small box in the top left hand corner of the worksheet (which selects the entire worksheet) or click Ctrl+A )same thing) BEFORE opening the Sort function

  Woolwell 15:32 22 Mar 2013

Same with Office 2013, unless the columns/rows are not selected correctly then the sort should work.

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