Microsoft Office 2007 fiasco continues

  xania 15:34 18 Apr 2008

Following on from my previous posting

click here

it seems that Office 2007 DOES corrupt Outlook Express during its installation
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Microsoft even admit as much but they are not prepared to do anything about it - take a look at their advice page

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they just dump it back on the users themselves to sort out the problem.

  anskyber 15:42 18 Apr 2008

Not sure what the problem is.

Are you saying you do not want to download a spell checker which will work with OE6?

Are you saying having paid a pricely sum for the superior Outlook 2007 you do not want to use it?

  Chas49 15:53 18 Apr 2008

Perhaps xania would like to continue using Outlook Express as he has always done and not to have to search for and install another spellchecker. It would appear that Microsoft do not intend to rectify the situation hence the advice to look for another.

I, for one, will not be updating to Office 2007 for the 2003 edition does everything asked of it. My attitude? If it's not broke - don't fix it! And 2003 ain't broke!!

  xania 15:56 18 Apr 2008

I suppose it would be helpful if someone had worked out a solution to this problem. And I'd also like to get more people involved in pushing Microsoft to resolve this issue (I live in hope!!) But more importantly, to warn people about some of the problems that Office 2007 is waiting to generate for them.

  anskyber 15:58 18 Apr 2008

You might be right, the reason I asked was his links include a recommended spell checker for OE6.

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