Microsoft OEM products and XP, advice anyone?

  Effie 15:27 28 Mar 2007

I want to put Microsoft Word and perhaps some other Microsoft stuff on a newish computer which has XP as it's operating system.

Unfortuntely, all that I see for sale at a reasonable price appear to be OEM versions.

Can anyone tell me, will OEM versions work once installed. Also and more importantly, would there be any hassle with Microsoft once I went looking for updates for the system once they have scanned my setup and seen an OEM product showing up.


  jimv7 15:54 28 Mar 2007

No, as long as its genuine ms products and not copies all should be ok.

The only difference between oem and full versions is that ms only give the support for the full versions, as I understand it.

  crosstrainer 16:09 28 Mar 2007

Hi, when you say "newish" how new? And is the installed copy of xp, a full or oem copy.

Also, do you own a copy of Word (oem or otherwise) at the moment?

Strictly speaking, Ms will not be that happy with you, but I should work.... I think the best advise is to check first, before you shell out money for software that may not work.

  Pamy 16:36 28 Mar 2007
  Fingees 16:37 28 Mar 2007

OEM software is supposed to be sold only with hardware.

However,it can be installed and used OK, but can only be activated on the original computer you first install it on.

That means that normally if you change ,usually the motherboard, or sometimes,the Hard disk, it can no longer be activated for use.

  Effie 16:40 28 Mar 2007

The computer was got earlier this year. It's a Dell Labtop as I haven't seen the backup discs yet , I expect it might be OEM.

Is there a difference whether the source of the operating system is OEM or a full one in relation to what you can install afterwards Crosstrainer??

  pj123 16:45 28 Mar 2007

Is this a continuation of previous thread:

click here

Please stay with one thread on the same subject.

  Effie 16:53 28 Mar 2007

Thanks Pamy, that was a very useful link you provided .

It now begs the question, as the computer is only a few months old, it only came with 'Works' no 'Word' included, would an OEM be Ok or not?

Looking a web sites selling OEM stuff, I haven't come across any selling one's originating from Dell

  Effie 17:26 28 Mar 2007

PJ123, my apologies if putting a second thread in on this subject upsets you, however, you were the only one who replied several days ago but the question wasn't actually answered and as it is relevent to many forum readers, I felt that opening it to a wider audience as many people don't go to Consumerwatch might help many others in regard to the use of OEM software.

This thread also perhaps also explores whether or not anyone who has XP old or new , has good cause to reconsider buying Microsoft software OEM versions as opposed to getting full retail versions not just given cost implications but also potential problems cropping up with Microsoft in the future.

  pj123 17:41 28 Mar 2007

Effie, no, it doesn't upset me. But you can get some members responding to one thread and others responding to the second thread. It just confuses the issue.

Try to keep it all together in one thread, or at least, post a link to the previous thread (whicy I have done) so that all members can see the whole story.

My response to this thread is the same as my last response.

Any OEM product would work OK but you may not get any help/assistance.

I have many OEM software programs on my computer and if I have a problem with any of them I usually come on the PCA Forum and ask.

  feb 18:06 28 Mar 2007

Hi Effie
Although this dosn't answer your question, there are alternatives to Microsoft, which are sometimes better and in this case, free!! click here

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