microsoft nosy 3

  grumps2001uk 12:02 13 Mar 2003

can someone tell me how to get rid of IE. intrusive ad it appears on p c advisors banner and when i click on a discussion point i get 3s floating around and have to scroll up to get to close icon it has only started today it closes but when i click on new point it comes back

  MAJ 12:26 13 Mar 2003

A popup stopper, or Adaware or Spybot Search and Destroy, will probably get rid of them, if they don't say "Messenger Service" on top of them. If they do say "Messenger Service" then get rid of them using this method. click here

  Kudu 12:50 13 Mar 2003

This was obscuring messages today and it was annoying having to delete it allthe time.Just downloaded Adware And it seems to have stopped.

  Kudu 12:53 13 Mar 2003

I tell a lie.When i sent this a big coloured 3 came up on screen.So how do you stop it?

  grumps2001uk 12:55 13 Mar 2003

where do i get get Adware? i am fairly new to comp; so need help?thankyou

  grumps2001uk 12:57 13 Mar 2003

so Adware no good for this?

  €dstow 12:58 13 Mar 2003

Use Opera and set it to not accept popups.

This 3 thing must be to do with the new tangozebra site that loads up on each page refresh (you can see what rubbish or otherwise is loading on Opera).


  Tog 12:58 13 Mar 2003

I'm on the works PC so I can't install b'all.

  Kudu 13:01 13 Mar 2003

Can you use Opera & Adaware at the same time.

  VoG™ 13:02 13 Mar 2003

Me too!

This clearly hasn't been thought through - how on earth are we supposed to read the questions!!!!!!!

  grumps2001uk 13:06 13 Mar 2003

Thanks edstow
please tell me how to install Opera as i said i am new to computers and my daughter came down and put some progs on but i cant find that one

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