microsoft .net framework dialogue box at start-up

  crespo 02:04 14 Sep 2006

Hey all! This is Crespo back again. I've posted this query before and got advice from Streetwork, who said to post back if his advice didn't work. Well!! I've got an annoying dialogue box that pops up while waiting for Internet Explorer & my dial-up connection to "kick in". Have to click on it 7/8 times to get rid of it. Any ideas anyone?

  STREETWORK 06:05 14 Sep 2006

Hi C, you supposed to post back on the origional thread...

click here

  crespo 03:35 19 Sep 2006

This is Crespo again! I got a reply from Streetwork on this. Sorry mate i don't see any help from that! I'm running Windows XP & your advice directed me to Windows ME /98! Sorry! Is ther anyone out there who understands these wretched machines & how to fix them? HELP!Can you have another go Steetwork?

  STREETWORK 06:11 19 Sep 2006

Can you post what the dialog box is asking for...

  crespo 03:44 21 Sep 2006

This is for Streetwork. Hi mate. Yeah, when i click on for more details it says go to end of message for invoking just-in-time debugging (jit) instead of this dialogue box. To do this, it says jit debugging to be enabled , the config file must have the jit debugging value set in the system windows forms section.Application must be compiled with debugging enabled. Needless to say i'm utterly baffled! As is everyone else - you're the only one to reply. Hope this can help you to help me. Cheers mate. Crespo.

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