Microsoft .NET Framework

  powerless 01:03 21 Jul 2003

For your Information:

Do i need this update?

"The .NET Framework is a component of the Windows operating system. For developers, the .NET Framework makes it easy to rapidly create powerful software that maximizes performance, scalability, opportunities for integration, reliability, security, and the end-user experience, while minimizing the costs of deployment and management."

Not a developer? Then do not install!


"Windows users need to install the .NET Framework to run applications developed using the .NET Framework."

An Application such Powerquests Drive Image 7 requires .NET framwork to actually run.


Currently their is "Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1" available to download. Hower this appears to add a user account.

Version 1.0 does NOT do this.

click here

  Lozzy 08:56 21 Jul 2003

I would download it.. However my version 1.1 does not require a user account..

Download the latest version from windows update..

  -pops- 08:59 21 Jul 2003

I downloaded the 1.1 version mainly because I wanted to use DI 7. As with Lozzy, it didn't create a new user account.


  powerless 20:56 21 Jul 2003

I also had to install it because of wanting to use DI7.

I actually installed version 1.0 from the Service Pack CD. No user account...

I "somehow" ticked to have the update when updating Windows so it was installed. User account then appears. It cannot be seen on the Welcome screen, but nly when in control panel, user accounts.

"Account used for running the ASP.NET worker process (aspnet_wp.exe)"

  User-312386 21:04 21 Jul 2003

it also adds another user in XP accounts, so i am not downloading it

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