Microsoft .NET Framework

  Bald Eagle 08:39 04 Mar 2003

I am running 98SE on an AMD 1800+ with a 60 Gb HDD. Windows update recommends I download:-
Microsoft .NET Framework
Download size: 20.8 MB, 2 hours 24 minutes
The .NET Framework is a new feature of Windows. Applications built using the .NET Framework help provide reliability and security. You need to install the .NET Framework only if you have software that requires it.
What does this do? Answers in English please not Gatesese!!!
I only run bought programs (with no problems) I don't do my own application development etc.
Will it be beneficial to me to download?

  recap 11:37 04 Mar 2003

In my opinion Bald Eagle, I dont see any great benefit for your 98se machine. If you are happy with the set up you have why change it, just because Microsoft say you will benefit.

click here for information on .NET. You will find that it related to servers more than stand alone PC's.

  Bald Eagle 14:08 04 Mar 2003

Thanks recap, won't bother to download. Tried the link and page froze, will try again later just for a read.

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