Microsoft. NET Framework

  tonyx1302 10:35 22 Aug 2010

Good morning. I have recently acquired a laptop and will only be using it for very basic search/ebay /email work. I will not be playing games/ d/l music/twitter etc.

It is wireless via my desktop Neatgear router and runs on a very basic XP Word/Office and all my system software is up to date. The reason for this post is that I keep getting update reminders that I need to install/update NET Framework. What is it please, what does it do and do I need it? ( it seems to be a big d/l and updater)
I am loathed to change or install anything I don't need as the machine is just fine as it is !
Thank you


  gengiscant 10:42 22 Aug 2010
  provider 2 10:56 22 Aug 2010

I brief, it`s a kind of pre-installed system that developers make use of to allow their programs to run efficiently on Windows.

BUT it`s not only huge, it`s also a work in progress and needs all of its various parts, to work properly and there has been no end of problems caused by updates failing to install because one part or another has been missed or deleted or failed to install properly at one time or another.

Various third party as well as Ms programmes use it. Bits of it missing may not be a problem for you now, but could be to-morrow if you install a prog that needs some part of the .net framework. Equally, it it may not be a problem at all if you don`t happen to install one of these.

In short, go ahead and install the updates if you like the idea of an insurance policy but be prepared for the possibility of installation problems which are neither quick nor easy to fix.

  provider 2 11:25 22 Aug 2010

Some .net framework problems that have come up on PC Advisor: click here

  tonyx1302 11:58 22 Aug 2010

Decisions! Decisions ! I'm even more confused after reading your replies. Should I let M/soft update and install,completely ignore it, or delete what NET framework that is already on my machine that I found in Add/Remove and keep my fingers crossed ?


  sunnystaines 12:15 22 Aug 2010

install it it will not do any harm.

  tonyx1302 12:30 22 Aug 2010

Thanks sunnystaines. I will do as you suggest.


  johndrew 12:32 22 Aug 2010

Install it you may currently have software which needs it to function or perhaps install some in the future.

Keeping it updated will reduce the risk of those 'nice' people who like invading others PCs from gaining access by increasing your security.

  tonyx1302 12:34 22 Aug 2010

Thanks johndrew.Your common sense answer hit the nail on the preferable head.


  provider 2 12:35 22 Aug 2010

Sorry about that, but like most .net framework questions, answering is well, ... difficult.

However, deleting is not a good idea and may not even be possible in the case of the first items in the .net framework sequence for the very good reason that they are part of the Windows OS.

Also, some of your programs may already be using parts of the .net framework and deleting may cause them to malfunction.

(I used to be indecisive, but now I`m not so sure.)

Don`t delete anyway.

  tonyx1302 12:39 22 Aug 2010

Thanks provider 2 and all. I have now d/l NET and all seems tickety boo so I will green tick ...fingers crossed... with thanks


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