Microsoft neccessary and/or critical updates

  Graphicool1 09:18 29 Apr 2009

I have my PC set up to receive neccessary and or critical updates, as and when they come out. This morning I got the usual message 'Update ready to install'. As always I checked to see what it was...
That's not a 'neccessary or critical update'
Many people on this forum queried the .Net Framework 3.5 update, asking do we really need it and as it turned out, yes we did need it. Maybe though some more than others, depending on which software you were using.

But I ask you how can IE8 be considered an update, let alone 'neccessary and/or critical' Next they'll be telling us that Vista is an update for WinXP. No, even they wouldn't say that, would they?!

  rawprawn 09:53 29 Apr 2009

I agree completely, IE8 should have been offered as "Optional" However when it comes to installing todays updates it does give you the opportunity to decline the install.
I have again decided to give it another try after 2 other attempts after which I decided I didn't want it.
But!! always the "Tinkerer" I am trying it again. I find it has some very good features, but I did keep getting a " IE Has stopped working" message which sent me up the wall and I couldn't find a cure.

  Faffingwaste 10:09 29 Apr 2009

Thanks graphicool and rawprawn: I've just logged on and discovered the Microsoft yellow shield icon sitting here with today's "update":

16Mbsworth of Internet Explorer 8.

First thought: WTF?

Second thought: get on over to this forum to see if any other members are in the same position.

I'm (a) quite happy with my existing IE 7; (b) I've had previous system screw-ups because of Microsoft patches / fixes / upgrades and (c) if I was going to change from IE 7, it'd be to Firefox anyway.

But if anyone is running IE 8, perhaps they could post here and advise if there's any point in bothering with it (or the possible Redmond-induced hassle that may accompany it??)

(PS: having been part of the earlier .Net download debate, I decided not to take the 'update' and ticked the box to tell MS not to bother reminding me again. So this PC -- running XP SP3 -- continues on with the 'old' .Net. . . and I've still not had any problems.)

  birdface 10:31 29 Apr 2009

I find it very good and have had no problems with it.I downloaded it to My Documents.Then switched of the internet connection and then downloaded it.I updated it manually when you get the choice.If you run it automatically it will also download Windows Messenger 4.7 or whatever it was and that is not needed.Obviously you cannot get any Microsoft updates until you switch the Internet Connection back on.I ran it manually and it only found one update.Couple of little problems with add-ons but they have probably have sorted that by now.
If using PCA remember to switch on compatibility in Tools.

I find it quicker and better than Firefox.

  Stuartli 11:18 29 Apr 2009

Yesterday's updates (two in my case) were for Office 2007 and Power Point Viewer - I accepted them, but that's the last contact I've had with any downloads...:-)

No doubt they will turn up again.

  Graphicool1 11:25 29 Apr 2009

I too downloaded and installed IE8 when it was first released as a full programme nolonger beta. I felt at that time it was one of the moves I had made of late. Mega slow and PCA was almost non usable. At my first opertunity I changed back to IE7 bliss. It was like coming home after a bad holiday. I vowed back then not to take the plunge again for at least a few months, giving MS a chance to iron out the wrinkles and apply the patches.

But here it is again like my nemesis.

Regarding your experience with IE8, was that when they first released it as ex-beta, launch ready software. A few weeks ago, or this week?

I would like to hear a review from someone who had a bad experience with it, on it's first outing. Got rid of it, then downloaded it again this week, as an update.

From what I can make out, most of the plus's for installing .Net Framework 3.5 are for people using art software, like for instance ''

  rawprawn 12:10 29 Apr 2009

Again I have given up on it, It crashed twice in the first hour, and loading new tabs takes for ages.
Welcome back IE7

  birdface 13:17 29 Apr 2009

No it was the first full version that came out.must have been about 6 weeks ago.Microsoft just releasing it now in updates.I had an update from Microsoft for Messenger 14 last night whatever that was.Anybody else get that.

  Graphicool1 13:29 29 Apr 2009

I didn't get it, but I don't use MS messenger.

  Graphicool1 13:43 29 Apr 2009

So you were one of the lucky IE8 user's whose PC OS must be set just right for IE8. I just can't get my head round it. I ran a sort of mini survey at the time and everyone was posting their OS spec and success or failure. You might remember it, I believe you were a contributer. But the findings still made no sense as to why IE8 ran fine for some and not at all for others.

Now they are seemingly relaunching it, perhaps there were more boo'ers than applauders!
From what 'rawprawn' is now saying, they still haven't got it right.

I for one am certainly going to need much more convincing that IE8 is the best thing since sliced bread, before I stray out of my IE7 comfort zone in a hurry!

  mooly 13:48 29 Apr 2009

A lot of you folks will know all the agro I had installing IE8 few weeks ago. Even with help from MS support just couldn't get it to work without major issues, not least having to install in safe mode, it freezing during install etc.
Anyway, tried again today via windows update prompt and so far so good. Not a single problem like before. Installed in minutes and all settings apart from home page correct.

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