Microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 4000

  exdragon 20:00 30 Nov 2009

Hi, instead of buying a new keyboard, I've cleaned this one up and started programming the keys properly. Does anyone use this board? It has 3 'banks' of keys which can be programmed as favourites and I've got one set which I want to use for my photography programmes, while another set opens my standard programmes.

Despite having downloaded the latest drivers, I don't seem to have half the options in the list of keys which can be programmed, despite the 4000 being shown as my board.

Does anyone know how I can switch between the different banks so I can use the relevant set of favourite keys? The help files say to make sure the relevant kb is selected, as that determines what the available keys are shown, but I can't find anything helpful either on the MS site or in Google.

  Technotiger 21:39 30 Nov 2009

You could download the Software here ...

click here

  exdragon 22:17 30 Nov 2009

I've done that (should have included that when I mentioned the drivers) but still can't find any kb which includes these extra keys. I'm using XP, but as far as I can see from the picture on that page, it looks like mine. I suppose it could be a later version, of course.

  exdragon 22:25 30 Nov 2009

Just realised I've downloaded the software for Windows 7, but it still doesn't explain where the buttons are!

  exdragon 07:21 01 Dec 2009

Problem solved, sort of - I've found something which says, 'If your keyboard doesn't have a bank Switch, then do....'

So I can't do what I want. Never mind.

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