microsoft narrator

  dawnyworld 19:43 12 Dec 2005

hi does anybody know how to change the voice and also how or can i change what it reads out .

ie if i hover the cursor over an icon on my desktop it reads out what it is then the path/locatation on the hard drive ,

the blind person im setting this up for would just get confused with all that so i need to change what it says or get some similar software

thanks DW

  mattyc_92 19:50 12 Dec 2005

Start->Control Panel->Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices->Speech

  dawnyworld 20:10 12 Dec 2005

yeah thanks dude i know that but theres no other voices to change to.

  mattyc_92 20:33 12 Dec 2005

You have to install them seperatly.... If you use "Office 2003" then you will have 2 additional voices to choose from.

  dawnyworld 22:49 12 Dec 2005

how would i install them if i didnt have office 2003 ?

  Chegs ®™ 07:39 13 Dec 2005

click here

Microsoft Narrator
Narrator is Microsoft's free and simple screen reader supporting Microsoft's SAPI (speech application programming interface) and MSAA (microsoft acctive accessibility). Unlike in commercial screen readers, you don't have much control over what Narrator reads and what it doesn't, you can only specify whether Narrator will automatically read the contents of new dialogs and whether it will echo your key pressses. And that's it. NO control over punctuation (every special character will unfortunately be read) or abbreviations (it will speak all built-in abbreviations). Not to mention the ability to spell words or lines, or automatically read the contents of a whole document without having to scroll manually line by line. Fortunately, you can have Narrator re-read the contents of a window a screenful at a time and it will also read what's currently under the keyboard cursor. Though doc read and other such features are essential in daily use, Narrator is ment to be only a basic access aid for fixing computer problems and thus the lack of such features is understandable but unfortunate, too.

Actually, there are two slightly different versions of Narrator, one shipping with Windows 2000 and the other with Windows XP. The XP version has SAPI 5.1 support but, on the other hand, no support for SAPI 4 synths which means most of the speech synths out there. This is a very big minus in my opinion. Even more so, if you consider the fact that oddly enough, they don't offer real support for even SAPI 5. More about this later on.

The Windows 2000 version of Narrator supports Microsoft SAPi 4.0 for speech output and thus also most of the commercial speech synths. By default, one of Microsoft's voices, Sam, is installed with both versions of Narrator. And in the 2k version of Narrator you can add other Microsoft TTS voices (like MAry, Mike and robosoft) and also other, usually commercial SAPI 4.0 compatible speech synthesizers. it is also possible to use languages other than English for speech output, although Narrator will display an error message about this. Besides, Narrator's prompting (saying the names of the window elements, states of check boxes etc...) is still in English so it sounds kind of funny with a Finnish speech synth for instance. Still, it's a nice feature to have a Finnish speech synth of your choice in Narrator for reading the text in IRC for instance.
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  dawnyworld 11:57 13 Dec 2005

thanks chegs very helpful :)

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