Microsoft Money backups

  iscanut 10:52 25 Jun 2007

Have switched my Money program from desktop to laptop. Tried to restore a backup file ( PaulMoney.mbf) but have problems. When I saved a backup on my desktop, file is always saved as ***.mbf but the newly installed program on laptop insists on the file having a *.mny extension and refuses to recognise the backup. I have restored the file on the desktop several times without problems. Anyone know how to solve this ?

  FreeCell 10:58 25 Jun 2007

.mbf is a Money Backup File and .mny is a Money "live" file.

When you re-install from a backup it becomes a live file. Back this up using Money on the laptop and you should recreate a .mbf.

Does that help?

  iscanut 12:36 25 Jun 2007

Thanks. Was familiar with file extension protocols which made the problem more mysterious. Have persevered and eventually succeeded in restoring the file to the laptop.

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