microsoft money

  podlod 08:50 06 Oct 2008

Hi, I have the disc Microsoft Money 2005 and last year I had problems with my PC so the engineer removed everything from my PC and only backed up certain items and one of them was not Microsoft Money.Although I only had a small amount of info on the disc and there was no worry, but now I want to introduce the disc again which I have done so but it just keeps saying, do you want to retrieve your back up files or repair your files or retrieve old files, but there is nothing that says I want to re-introduce Microsoft Money disc again and nothing else and the old info is immaterial. Could you please give me an idea as to what I can do?

  rawprawn 09:08 06 Oct 2008

Run a registry cleaner such as click here then try again

  Halmer 09:14 06 Oct 2008

My Computer

Right click C Drive then properties then disc cleanup.

Is there an option to delete 'old windows files' because it may be picking these folders up from your reinstall that you can get rid of.

  Halmer 09:15 06 Oct 2008

you might try the retrieve back up files in your first posting if you need them.

  podlod 15:55 06 Oct 2008

Hi, I want to thank you all for your help and has worked a treat.
I do not know if anyone of you is conversant with microsoft money, although I know how to place my outgoings, expenditure, etc, in the correct category, in the system, all I want to know is how it can add them all up and at the end of the month tell me how much it all comes to out without having to touch the bank side of things? meaning I just want a reminder of outgoings. Hope I have explained myself ok?

  Kevscar1 16:06 06 Oct 2008

I just use it as a current account this keeps a running total for me. If I want to check any particular items I just go to reports and select what I want.

  rawprawn 16:51 06 Oct 2008

Hope this helps.
click here

  rawprawn 16:52 06 Oct 2008

Should have said scroll down for MS Money 2005

  podlod 13:11 07 Oct 2008

Hi, thanks for your help and have downloaded manual advised by rawprawn, hope it solves my prob, if not will ask for more help, thanks again.

  podlod 16:27 08 Oct 2008

Hi there again, I thought i had finished, but there is one more bit of info I wish to know being how do i change the amount icon from dollars to Euros in all my transactions?

  TonyV 20:11 08 Oct 2008

Open an Account, click Change Account Settings then look for the currency you want. Least that what it is in Money 2004.


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