Microsoft Money 2004 and Windows 10

  redbarron 12:18 08 Aug 2015

Microsoft Money which I have been using for years has now stopped working in Windows 10. It keeps asking me to install Internet Explorer 6.

I have seen one or two online reg fixes for this, but so far they haven't worked for me. Can anyone offer any help/fix for this please as I don't really want to lose this software. Thank you

  MickHumphreys 16:14 09 Aug 2015

I get the same problem an would very much like to know the solution also. I am using the UK version of Money 2004

Mick Humphreys

  Jollyjohn 16:27 09 Aug 2015

I have updated to this versionclick here It takes a little getting used to but works.

  MickHumphreys 16:43 09 Aug 2015

Thanks. The trouble is that this link is for the US version not the UK version. I won't install as there is some DLL missing. Any other ideas please?

  redbarron 16:46 09 Aug 2015

I also downloaded this version of Money but cannot work out how to import my old Money 2004 files across to USMoney Deluxe Sunset.

  iscanut 17:14 09 Aug 2015

Are you sure you followed the regedit fix properly as it worked for me and a few others ?

  gel 18:16 09 Aug 2015

I have Money 2002 and have used it since then. I hate to think what would happen if I even think about Windows 10 I have windows 7 and I understand it will be fully supported till 13 January 2016 and then partially supported for another 5 years so I guess I will stay with the present set up I do have a lap top with XP Windows installed Those were the days.

  MickHumphreys 12:56 10 Aug 2015

I have applied the regedit. This enabled me to open Money 2004 in Windows 10, but I cannot access my Money data files nor restore then from the Backup. The system tries to convert it to some unknown Money updated programme, with a strange suffix .MB12", not the usual".mny". It then can't read it. Any ideas please?

  gel 14:53 10 Aug 2015

Over the years I have had many problems with Microsoft Money 2002 basically with the the back up system. Since 2008 I have adopted the following procedure. I do not use the 'Money back up' but with the Money 2002 installed on my desk top and laptop top I use a memory stick with the money data transferred to it using a little programme 'Allway sync' This transfers all my documents, including money , between the 2 computers and ensures I have complete backups. I now have Money data going back to 2008 and it has never failed. So I would be reluctant to move to Windows 10. I asked our 12 year old grandson to research Windows 10 3 months ago and his reply was'wait and see ' Give it 6 months and look again . Wise heads on young shoulders.

  Zaliwa 21:40 10 Aug 2015

I'm having the same issue with MS Money 2004, that it "requires" IE 6 to be reinstalled. Funny thing is, that when running Win7, I had IE 10 or 11 and Money ran fine, didn't need IE 6. Microsoft screwed the pooch on not revising Money. I can't use the Sunset version as 1. I live in Canada, not the US; and 2. I need to be able to download my transactions from my banks online. Sunset doesn't connect to online.

Unless someone comes up with a good fix (MS?????), I'm in the same boat. Perhaps MS just wants us to capsize. :-/

  Zaliwa 22:27 10 Aug 2015

Try this link:

click here far, MS Money 2004 is working with this fix.


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