Microsoft Money 2003 STANDARD

  Biggles no more 15:00 28 Apr 2003

I had thought my previous thread was resolved. Someone gave me a link to click here which listed it and displayed a photograph of the box with STANDARD clearly shown.

However, Microsoft now tell me that this version only exists in the USA and that the only versions available here are Deluxe and Financial Suite.

I have emailed Pugh for clarification but, how difficult can it be to get a straight answer on what is available to the potential buyer?

It isn't rocket science!!

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:04 28 Apr 2003

No you go to Uni if you want to do rocket science!

Our software contact is a M$ Certified to sell the stuff! Now I bet you don't get much in your hotmail account offering you one of those!

  Biggles no more 15:11 28 Apr 2003

garbled answer!

What is he saying?

What is Hotmail?

  Biggles no more 15:15 28 Apr 2003

How come the 'click here' appeared in my post? I have no idea how to do this and simply gave the name of the site. Does this happen automatically if you quote a site address?

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:16 28 Apr 2003

Ok I'm in a nice mood.

Pugh's Educational catalogue (hmm its for November 2002!) says that you can buy Microsoft Money 2003 Standard CD-ROM (UK) for £21.

Ring 'em up on 01974 200201 if you want.

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:18 28 Apr 2003

The other question - it you type a URL (or a web address) then the site will convert it to a link for you. The little people are nice like that.

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:21 28 Apr 2003

click here for what is...

Manufacturer's Description
Microsoft Money 2003 Standard provides a quick and easy way to organize and manage your personal finances. New features include auto balancing, a bills estimator, spending comparison reports, and investment reminders.

Save time organizing and managing your cash flow and balancing your checkbook. Create and track a budget, pay your bills, organize your finances, and view a complete picture of your financial health all in one place. Achieving your future financial goals is also made simple with Microsoft Money. Reduce your debt, forecast your cash flow, finance an education, or save to buy a house or car. Get a visual picture of income and expenses, category spending, budget, and more.

Money 2003 Standard features improved register reconciliation, better bill management, and the ability to create unlimited custom views of portfolio information and see portfolio values as of specific dates. Automatically balance accounts when they match your downloaded statements. Even define the way payees are matched in downloaded statements to suit your preferences.

I'm too kind.

  soy 15:29 28 Apr 2003

I'm not sure, but some companies can buy software from abroad and sell them here. Microsoft may not have officially releashed the edition over in the UK but it doesn't stop indiviual businesses from buying them abroad and selling them here.

  Biggles no more 13:50 01 May 2003

Emailed Pugh. They say MS Money 2003 Standard DOES NOT EXIST!! Why is it on their website, one wonders? MS states that it has NEVER existed, so one wonders why Pugh put it in their catalogue back in November. Could be a cockup but check out click here which also advertises Money 2003 Standard. No image available on the website, but their advertisement in last months PCA clearly shows the box with Money 2003 STANDARD on the front. Unless this was a mockup (why should it be?) then they have it.

I am determined to get to the bottom of this, it has become a challenge!

  Biggles no more 13:52 01 May 2003

Not a lot of point buying financial software from abroad, is there. Would be different financial systems.

  wee eddie 20:51 01 May 2003

as you have previously said that you do not intend to connect to the net at your home in deepest rural surrey.

There is very little point in your purchasing the latest 3 updates of MS Money as most of these changes relate to contracts that MS has negociated with other financial support web sites and the core program haas just been updated to account for new tax regulations.

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