Microsoft ME Boot startup.

  Norker 21:59 09 Jan 2005

When I startup my computer using ME O.S; I now receive the following popup problems -:

1. RUNDLL Error loading POWRPROF. dll. One of the library files needed to run this application cannot be found. Okay.

2. A required Dll file, set up AP1. Dll was not found.

The computer eventually starts up but I am unable to open several software programmes afterwords for use!

Can you help me please with advice to rectify my problems? Thank you in anticipation of a favoured reply.

For information I have a Pentium 3 Processor.

  keverne 22:44 09 Jan 2005
  sattman 23:03 09 Jan 2005

Or alternatively re-install windows ME on top of the existing

  A3 23:16 09 Jan 2005

If you load ME over the top of one already there, it may not rectify your problem. I have had a couple of similar problems and the only way to sort them was to load the floppy boot disk and the manufacturers ME Recovery disk to enter ME Recovery (This was recommended by the manufacturer). Once there, select QUICK INSTALL WINDOWS ME, NO FORMAT. This will back-up all your files and re-install ME. This bit doesn't take long, but you then have to re-install all your extra programs and software, which does take a while. My machine actually worked better after the tidy up. Hope this helps.

  sattman 19:22 11 Jan 2005

Why I suggest the option I did was because it would appear that a dll file is damaged or has got corrupted. True installing over the top will not repair all damage but it will check and replace all damaged or missing files.
The other benifit is that it will not change any other setting or programmes

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