Microsoft License query?

  recap 19:14 26 Jan 2003

After reading the post by jordan_richard_barnard, it got me thinking about the license part of W98/98SE. If after Microsoft stop supporting an O/S do you still need to have a license for it?

  Old PC man 20:35 26 Jan 2003

Probably, as you are still using the software.

The software still belongs to Microsoft, you only lease the right to use it.

It's like a patent, you can use the patented idea as long as you are licensed to do so, otherwise you're likely to get fined.

I don't think Bill Gates got to be a billionaire without the help of a lawyer or ten.

  recap 11:30 27 Jan 2003

Thanks Old PC man, the reason I asked is because I have 2 computer, an old server and the chance to get hold of 4 more computers. All these will have clean drives. I have a legitimate copy of W98 and I was hoping to put it on all the computers to run a network just for testing/experimenting with.

So I suppose I'll either have to bin the idea or fork out a lot of money for the licenses.

No wonder Bill Gates is a billionaire.

  muddle 11:42 27 Jan 2003

So how would Bill know you were using one copy of Win 98 on 4 diff PC's? And would he really care anyway? - I could understand it if it you want to set up a network for a small business, but if we are talking experimenting in your back room, and so long as you never pass on the PC's with it installed for other people to use....

  Old PC man 11:45 27 Jan 2003

I don't know how you stand if you purchase second hand licenses that are no longer in use. I'm sure there must be hundreds of original licensed '98 cd's and manuals out there.

Maybe you need to read the license agreement in the manual thoroughly. You never know you may be able to save yourself a fair few dollars.

  Sir Radfordin™ 11:48 27 Jan 2003

Just because MS aren't going to offer any help with Win98 or relase patches for it doesn't change anything about the licence. You have a licence to use the product. You do not own. The conditions are the same as the day Win98 was first put on the market.

The only legal way to do this is to buy another few licences that aren't being used. Ebay may be a source, or look in something like Micromart for liquidation stock.

Not the answer you wanted, but thats life.

  recap 11:51 27 Jan 2003

Thanks for your comments muddle, but I would also link it to the Internet for access to our works network, and there is just a remote chance that it could be detected. My conscience wouldn't allow it either.

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