microsoft keyboard

  harps1h 00:41 04 Jan 2005

bought a natural cordless keyboard from pcw component centre.i have a problem in that it seems to develop a will of its own. sometimes when typing it starts top spew outthe last letter endlessly and cannot be stopped. also whilst playing COD when i use any keys for movement i will take a few steps and stopped. then i have to re-press the key to move again. i get the feeling that there is something interfering with it. other wireless on the desk is the logitech mx 1000 mouse also there is my monitor close by.

i have tried changing frequency and channels but this is arbitory as to whether it works.

any ideas there lads and lassies

harps1h (:-(

  ACOLYTE 00:45 04 Jan 2005

COD with a wireless keyboard? are you mad lol
at the best of times i cant move quick enough to keep the nades away,but it does sound like its intermitent with the signal,but having never used a wireless item of any sort im not syre how to advise,batteries maybe?.

  harps1h 00:57 04 Jan 2005

do you think it would be better with a good corded one?

  gobi 00:59 04 Jan 2005

Have you tried to use in safe mode?

  harps1h 01:03 04 Jan 2005

its difficult to say whether safe mode would be the answer as i never know when it will happen

  gobi 01:08 04 Jan 2005

Could try to reinstall the keyboard driver in safe mode.

  Forum Editor 01:18 04 Jan 2005

a cordless keyboard that performs well enough to stop me wanting to hurl if from a very high place - well there was one, but I don't have it any more.

All the models I've ever used (bar that one)have behaved disgracefully - doing the same thing as yours in fact - and I eventually resigned myself to a wired life as far as keyboards are concerned.

The one keyboard that didn't skip stupidly through the alphabet like a thing possessed was the marvellous Logitech Bluetooth Media desktop. This keyboard and mouse combination was truly an object of desire, and worked like the dream we all dream of when I tested it for one of my articles. Unfortunately those mean people at Logitech insisted on having it back afterwards, and I was in a state of grief for days. If it hadn't been for the fact that it costs as much as the gross national product of a small country I would have bought one.

I'm not going to be of much help harps1h, apart from suggesting that you ensure the least obstructed line of sight between keyboard and receptor.

  ACOLYTE 01:43 04 Jan 2005

I cant help with your problem, but yes i do think you would better with a cordless one for COD,in fact it would solve your problem,lol,if i see you around i wont shoot you if your keyboard is playing up if ,lol.

  ACOLYTE 01:44 04 Jan 2005

Bum without a cordless that was supposed to be ,lol

  harps1h 08:19 04 Jan 2005

what's your cod name and i'll try to avoid getting burnt. i use Becca_Babes Dad (N.Ireland) and usually use base assault

  ACOLYTE 14:13 04 Jan 2005

INFERNO is the name im usually about all over the place but i dont play UO that much.But i will
look out for the name.Somtimes i run a COD server if you wont a frag let me know.

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