Microsoft has detected that you are holding down the CTRL key

  douglas1973 23:47 24 Mar 2012

Microsoft Word and Outlook 2007 have gone haywire, e.g. (1) I start trying to type in Word and the following appears: "You pressed Ctrl + Enter as a keyboard shortcut for sending a message? Please do not show me this dialog again. (2)I start trying to type in Word or Outlook and a dialog box opens - sometimes it is a "Find asnd Replace" box, othe times "Insert a Hyperlink", other times "Print", etc.(3) Sometimes it is "Outlook has detected that you are holding down the CTRL key. Do you want to start Outlook in safe mode?" Sometimes it is difficult to start Windows 7 and on doing so on two occasions a blue screen appeared but I was unable to read the text because it closed down too quickly.How can I eliminate these problems that make my computer nearly unworkable - in fact it is a miracle that I have managed to access your website and write this.

  rdave13 00:09 25 Mar 2012

Sounds like your keyboard is faulty or keys are stuck down, especially the CTRL key.

  lotvic 00:48 25 Mar 2012

Detach keyboard, turn upside down, give good shake and tap to dislodge muck and crumbs, clean between keys with a paintbrush or similar. You could also prise/pop the keys off (there are 2 Ctrl keys on the bottom row) and clean out then put keys back on.

If sure that keyboard is clean and it still gives problems, try a different keyboard if you have a spare one, if not then looks like you will have to buy one.

  rdave13 02:19 25 Mar 2012

lotvic that's what I said, didn't I?

  Miké 08:08 25 Mar 2012

I suppose you could disabling the key ,there is freeware out there to do this! You will probably have to try each 'Ctrl' in turn.

  eedcam 09:53 25 Mar 2012

You could try using the on screen keyboard with the main one disconnected that way you might confirm or eliminate your keyboard as the cause

  Ian in Northampton 12:07 25 Mar 2012

It shows all the signs of a stuck/fault control key. If the OP types 'f', Word interprets it as control + f = 'find/replace'. If he types 'p', Word interprets it as control + p = 'print'. If he types 'k', Word thinks he wants to insert a hyperlink via control + k. And so on. And I'd imagine that if Windows tries to boot while it thinks the control key is held down, that would give the kind of problems the OP describes.

  douglas1973 12:52 25 Mar 2012

I have changed the keyboard and it has made no difference. I have now changed the mouse and will see if that is the solution. I should mention that the fault has been intermittent. After trying all sorts of things (so many that I cannot recall what all of them were) the fault sometimes disappeared only to come back later. I will get back later - either to say that changing the mouse has solved the problem or that it has not solved the problem.

  eedcam 13:02 25 Mar 2012

Do try the on screen keyboard there are keyboard viruses

  Forum Editor 13:30 25 Mar 2012

"there are keyboard viruses"

More precisely, there are viruses that can affect keyboard drivers. On the off-chance that this is the cause, why not try deleting the existing driver and installing a fresh version?

  douglas1973 13:47 26 Mar 2012

So far, after changing the mouse, there have been no more problems. Early days yet. Will get back later - probaly tomorrow. Thanks everyone for their help which is much appreciated.

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