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  1towatch 22:17 03 May 2004

this is my first attempt at a web site - i have created a products page with a link to the order page, what i would like help with is when you press the order button, how do i transfer that info into the order sheet ? e.d. if a click order on item 1 it goes to the order form, but that is blank. what i would like is the order form to be filled in with the details. can this be done ??

  Forum Editor 23:19 03 May 2004

to know which version of FrontPage you're using, and if you have the site online could you post the address for us please?

  1towatch 21:37 04 May 2004

the web site is not on the web yet and on a totly different thread i would appriciate advice on 'up-loading' and who to select ! the front page is the 2000 edition

  Forum Editor 22:24 04 May 2004

in which case you'll need to arrange for hosting. If you plan to use any of the special features of FP 2000 you should elect to run your site on a Windows server with FrontPage extensions installed, and any good web host will automatically offer that facility. I suggest that you take a look at click here which is an excellent hosting company. You can buy your domain name at the same time as setting up your account.

Once you have your server space with your username and password you can upload your site direct from FrontPage - just go to File/publish and follow the prompts to publish your site to the server. Make sure that you also publish to a folder on your hard drive, so you always have a copy of the site on your computer. When making changes to the site, never work 'live' on the server copy - edit the hard drive copy and then publish to the server from that. Remember that when you publish to the server you'll overwrite the existing files, so check your site using FP's 'preview in browser' option before publishing.

  1towatch 19:52 09 May 2004

thanx for that - but i am still stuck with the original problem of the transfer of data to my order page in the web publisher

  Taran 21:07 09 May 2004

Are you saying that you still want to know how to transfer your web files to your web host so that it goes online ?

Or are you still wanting a solution for passing the selections made in one form into another form on your site ?

Or both ?

Uploading your site is a matter of arranging web hosting, you will get a username and password to use for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and often you may get a different username or password for publishing from FrontPage.

To upload your site from FrontPage, click on File, click on Publish Web from the drop down menu and enter the site address, your username and password. FrontPage makes life pretty easy in publishing the site.

If you still want a solution for passing information from one to another form post again to that effect.

I'll warn you now, it's a bit complex.

  1towatch 21:49 11 May 2004

ok - i am still trying to transfer data to my order sheet - will try and explain the best i can - on one page of the web site i have i list of products for sale with a button labeled 'order' that then takes the user to the order page. what i would like, is when a customer clicks on the order button it transfers info about that product to the order page - so all they have to do is enter the quantity required. hope that explains what i am trying to do.

  Taran 22:52 30 May 2004

"hiya - if you can help out with this problem i would be greatful"


The following pages are the result of about 10 minutes with FrontPage 2000 click here or a slight alternative using an inline frame can be found click here

I'm not sure if that is along the lines of what you are after or whether you need to transfer a lot of ordering information about the product selected.

I don't recommend using the inline frame solution unless;

1. you are after a certain look

2. unless you understand how inline frames work

3. you understand that search engines will have the devil of a time with the pages displayed within the inline frame

Note that the forms are dead. I have not pointed them to an email address or database and so they will give a FrontPage component error if you try to submit them. I've set them up to forward to a simple thank you page when they are submitted to an email address or database, but you won't see that if you try them on the example pages I've given you the links for - without a destination to process the form to and since I didn't publish them using FrontPage you'll only see an error.

Also note that the design is meant to display a concept and is very, very rudimentary. You would need to format such pages to fit into your own site theme and they are meant to illustrate a possible solution.

You can download the entire FrontPage web with the sample order forms as I've set them up at this link: click here and you can add or import them into your own web to play with or use them to create a new FrontPage web for experimentation.

Without a lot of detail on exactly what it is you want to do, the information you would like to see on the order page and so on it is impossible to be anything other than very general with an offered solution. The above example pages should give you a couple of ideas though.

The concept centres on four products, each with their own order form. A link for the first product (Widget 1) leads to a form where the product name is listed and its cost per single itme is also listed. Your customer has to fill in their name, address and email address plus the quantity of the item they wish to order. You will need to set your email address as the destination for the form to process answers to.

If you want to order Widget 1, Widget 2, Widget 3 or Widget 4 there is a link leading to a separate order for for each widget. Each order form displays that items name and cost.

It's a very simple concept, if a little clumsy, but it can and does work and a lot of small businesses use a system just like this to process their orders. On receipt of an email with the ordering information they can send out their invoice and when that bill is paid the goods are dispatched. Compared to real time credit card payment authorisation it really is Stone Age, but it works.

Hope it gives you some ideas.

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