Microsoft "FIX IT" site. Useful info.

  mooly 12:29 15 Jul 2009

Stumbled across this yesterday while looking for a solution for something,
click here
I'd never seen it before. Some useful info, and many of the "fixes" seem to involve downloading a wizard to run and analyse the appropriate files etc.

  provider 2 12:46 15 Jul 2009

Bookmarked, thank you ... never seen it before either.

  T I M B O 12:48 15 Jul 2009

Yes good 1 !!,,, Bookmarked also ;-))

  dazza39 13:19 15 Jul 2009

Looks good but you have to pay for services.:)

  oldbeefer2 13:31 15 Jul 2009

Where does it say that?

  Zeppelyn 14:50 15 Jul 2009

Iys not a pay site, ive used it a few times without problem.

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