microsoft exel formula

  kevc 22:42 14 Apr 2003

Does anybody know how to asign a formula to a sell for the following calculation...............TIME START 7.45
and to auto calculate the TOTAL HOURS ?

  pj123 22:51 14 Apr 2003

yes, I have written a time sheet that does exactly that. email me and I will send you a copy

  GroupFC 22:52 14 Apr 2003

I had a similar query sometime ago so see if this helps click here

  GroupFC 22:55 14 Apr 2003

I have a spreadsheet with some calculations which shows how it all works, but it is at the office!

If it can wait 'til morning e-mail me and i will let you have what I've got.

  Embezzler 23:03 14 Apr 2003

Wouldn't it be easier if you just use =sum(start_time:finish_time) eg: =sum(A1:A2)However, all the time figures would have to be written like 00:00....

It works for me :)

  Embezzler 23:10 14 Apr 2003

Actually i would like to retract my statement above on the grounds that i based my knowledge on inadequate evidence… basically I proved myself wrong by trying it out!!!



Forgive me!!!

  pj123 23:17 14 Apr 2003

You are forgiven (at least by me) Don't forget time works in 60s and not 10s

  GroupFC 23:21 14 Apr 2003

I'm glad you couldn't get it to work! I've just spent ten minutes trying your idea and it didn't work for me either (nothing is ever as simple as it first appears!).

  Embezzler 23:24 14 Apr 2003

I guess next time i'll think (test) before i type! ;)

  slightlymad 23:24 14 Apr 2003

Format the relevant cells to "Time". In cell A1 put your start time, and your finishing time in B1. The formula for cell A3 should be =24*(B1-A1)

  pj123 23:24 14 Apr 2003

anybody else want this timesheet (that does work) email and i will send a copy

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