Microsoft Excel....quiz ???

  Magik ®© 16:04 14 Mar 2005

hi, I have been sent some quizzes which when clicked on open up in Exel, i guess is part of microsoft for the problem....try not to laugh......They have been sent with nearly all the answers filled in..One of them is car badges, another logos...and so there any way i can get rid of the answers..having never used Office 2000, can you make it simple.......thanks for any help..

  Happy Soul 16:13 14 Mar 2005

The easiest way to hid them is for example, if the answers are in column A, left click on the A, which will highlight the line, then chooce ink colou White.

If the answers are in Row 1, clcik on the one and again choose ink colour White.

You can always reveal the answers by clciking on the Columns or Rows again and choosing a different ink colour.

If the answers are ad-hoc, just click one on the answer cell and choose White ink.

  TonyV 16:24 14 Mar 2005

Magik ®©

There is a means of hiding Columns or Rows in Excel. Right click on the Column letter say G, then look in the drop down menu and click on hide. the same thing will apply to Rows. This presupposes that the answers to the quiz are in a common column/row. If not, you can always move them to a single column/row and hide them.

  Magik ®© 16:28 14 Mar 2005

thanks,but at the moment i am lost, the car badges, for example....Are all over the screen, i can now delete the answer, but when i type in the answer there is no way to tell if it is right, because before it had a smiley face thingy.

  TonyV 16:44 14 Mar 2005

Magik ®©

It seems to me that, assuming that you can edit the Quiz, put all the answers in to a second worksheet, and hide that sheet. When you want to see the answers, unhide that sheet. Because the sheet/column/row is hidden, it does not mean the information is not available to the running of the Quiz. If it is something else, it may be that there are a bundle of macros within that quiz workbook, in which case you will have to wait and see if VoG™ can come up with an answer. He is brilliant on Excel!

  Magik ®© 17:15 14 Mar 2005

thanks for the meantime i will try and contact the person who sent it..

  TonyV 20:11 14 Mar 2005

Magik ®©

If you get the problem sorted, I'd be interested in finding out how it was done!



  Magik ®© 21:16 14 Mar 2005

The sender does not know, because he got them from someone else.....but of course,then they were blank.....but if anyone wants to try, if they PM me i will forward a couple of them on, and they can try then tell me how it was done, or words to that effect....


  VoG II 21:22 15 Mar 2005

You have mail...

  pete-290318 21:28 15 Mar 2005

I have these quizzez ... theyre very good.

just hightlight the cell with the answer and hit delete .... when youve cleared the answers save the doc as something else and then fill the answers in as you get them.

If youre close to theanswer it tells you and when correct answer is added the frames turn blue.

  Magik ®© 22:43 15 Mar 2005

thanks all, Pete77, thanks for that...wish we had never started, me and my better half were up till gawd knows what time last night doing one that i got with no answers filled in..

vog, mail sent.......

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