Microsoft Excel with Windows XP

  toofy 12:35 04 Sep 2006

Windows XP came with a new PC early 2005. Since then I have used M. Excel for bookkeeping purposes with past & current years filed separately in My Docs. A Tv ad spurred me on to finish last years accounts but when I attempt to open the file again, I end up with a message that I need to insert the Cd of Windows XP Professional in order to access the Excel programme.
This has never been necessary previously . The CD I have is for Windows XP Home Edition incl. Service Pack 2(marked already installed..) If anyone can advise me what has happened &/or what the remedy is, I will be grateful.

  ArrGee 12:47 04 Sep 2006

A forum helper under the name of VoG is a true Excel wiz here, and with a bit of luck he may catch your query.

In the meantime, it may be worth trying to see if you can open the spreadsheet in this free application, and report back any problems. If you can open it with this, try saving it and then re-opening within Excel.

click here

  Simsy 13:03 04 Sep 2006

it wasn't asking for OFFICE XP professional?

If you are sure, then it is certainly strange. Have you tried a system restore?

Good luck,



  Gongoozler 13:10 04 Sep 2006

I'm only guessing, but I wonder if the file was generated on a computer that used Windows XP Professional and incorporates a feature from that system. Are you opening Excel by double-clicking the .xls file. If you are, what happens if you start Excel and then open the file?

  silverous 13:21 04 Sep 2006

Which version of Excel?

Is it this?

click here

I suspect it is Office Professional it is asking for not windows.

  toofy 19:50 04 Sep 2006

The problem I seem to have is as identified by silverous. It is asking for Office XP Professional. I do not have the CD-rom it asks me to insert. I am now wondering if I possibly downloaded Microsoft Excel over 12months ago (a free version?) but cannot recall doing so. The Excel spreadsheet I wanted to update today was last modified on 26 Feb 2006. I do not recall having any problem opening the file then so am mystified why this is happening now. I have looked at ArrGee's response but regret I am not confident enough to give it a try. Has anyone any further thoughts 7/or an idiot-proof remedy please.
Thanks for everyones efforts.

  ArrGee 21:36 04 Sep 2006

The best way to attempt the 'sort-of-solution' that I have provided would be to try it on a copy of the original spreadsheet.

  Simsy 22:45 04 Sep 2006

to download a free version of Excel. I don't think, (but I'm open to correction), that ther was even a trial versiona available.

Have you tried a system restore?

Have you tried to open Excel, and then open the file.



  silverous 23:25 04 Sep 2006


You should really have the CD, you can't download Excel, it might genuinely need it.

What if you start a new spreadsheet and save it, can you open that ?

I'm guessing the spreadsheet is sensitive information otherwise I'd suggest sending it to me to see if I can open it.

It sounds like it might be corrupt. Either that or you'll need the CD. Sorry!

  dth 09:37 05 Sep 2006

Quite often PC manafacturers include a limited time trial version of Office.

As a temp measure you could try the free Excel viewer at:-

click here

This is the same as Excel but only allows an Excel file to be vieweed rather than amended etc.

  silverous 09:40 05 Sep 2006

Dth...good idea on the viewer but....

"Windows XP came with a new PC early 2005"

Doubt the trial lasted this long.

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