Microsoft Equation Viewing problems

  Giggsy252 20:12 07 Oct 2004

I am running windows and office XP, but i seem to be having problems viewing Microsoft Equation symbols in Word. The symbols do not appear properly and all you see is a black blob over the relevant symbol.

Any ideas on how to rectify this?

Thanks in advance

  Valvegrid 21:35 07 Oct 2004

No one seems to have answered you, so I'm guessing at the moment, do you have the correct font installed to view the equation symbols? I had a similar problem trying to view a document with symbols in it that word didn't recognise, it returned a strange symbol, all was OK when I installed the correct font.

Have a look in the fonts and see if you can see the ones you want, if you can't, you'll probably have to do a search on the Internet for them.

  Giggsy252 19:15 08 Oct 2004

Hi, what is the name of the font i would require?


  Valvegrid 19:21 08 Oct 2004

Good question, is there anyway you can ask the author of the document what they used?

  flu 20:28 08 Oct 2004

was the equation created using Mathtype (a more powerful version of Microsoft's equation editor) ? If so, you need to get some of the fonts that come with mathtype which you'll need to install to view the equations. these installation files should be available from whoever who used Mathtype to produce that document you are viewing. Otherwise you might need to find further info from Mathtype's website.

  Giggsy252 20:51 08 Oct 2004

it seems to be using the standard MS equation editor, even simple signs like triangle and open and closed brackets are not being displayed. When i double click to edit the equation, i can see all the symbols.

Hope this gives you more information.

Thanks in advance

  flu 21:19 08 Oct 2004

It may be that your document is filled with a lot of equations making it very 'heavy' and the equations do not show. I often experience this when I have a lot of complicated equations and figures copied from other software (Matlab) in the document. I usually either minimise the window and maximise it again to get it to slowly refresh. Sometimes (if you have figures in it as well) I have to separate the figures from the main document and then reassemble them when I'm finished editing. you can also try viewing it on a higher spec PC or ask someone to convert it into PDF for you if you just need to view. Hope this helps in some way.

  flu 21:23 08 Oct 2004

just remembered that once I double click to edit the equation and close the window, the equation usually reappears in the document. If this applies, your other option could be to manually double click the equations one by one until all shows. Once you get all equations to show, it may (or may not) help to save it in *.rtf or converting it into PDF.

  VoG II 21:30 08 Oct 2004

Was the equation created using the same version of Equation Editor as you have? I've had problems like this and have ended up having to recreate the equations to get them to display properly.

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