Microsoft Demo Film Downloads

  peter4076 17:06 18 Feb 2005

Was in a hurry one of the days this week, so didn't have time to save to faves, it was part of somebodies thread ( forget which) anyway the person gave a link to M$$ 75-95Mb Demo film downloads, can anybody point me to the thread or the website concerned, I have been all over M$$ website but I'm blowed if I can find it. As always all input gratefully received.

  peter4076 20:53 18 Feb 2005

I am bumping this in case the evening shift may have the knowledge of the lost website.

  Colinp 21:39 18 Feb 2005

Is this it click here

I found quite a lot of possibles by putting the words "microsoft demo film" without the quotes into google

  peter4076 22:08 18 Feb 2005

Alas Colinp twas not, it was definetely M$$ website with loads of big megabyte downloads of various film clips probably 10-15min demo's/clips, anyway thankyou for helping it to bump, the same as me.

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