Microsoft avg

  highside 11:45 24 Sep 2008

Any comments please,
Today I have had several pop ups whilst surfing saying 'your computer is running slowly' and 'do you want microsoft avg to carry out a scan'

nb I didn't record the exact words of the last sentence but near enough.

A scan than started with no input from me so I disconnected immediately and did a manual scan - I have full Mcafee avg etc, it found PC to be clean and I have noticed no problems.

  Halmer 11:48 24 Sep 2008

I would download and run this click here

  Halmer 11:50 24 Sep 2008

if you have both Mcafee and AVG anti virus you should get rid of one of them imho.

  Sea Urchin 12:52 24 Sep 2008

AVG is nothing to do with Microsoft so as Halmer says sounds suspicious. Also try running this

click here

  highside 14:22 24 Sep 2008

Thanks for replies (I only have one avg - Mcafee)
Have done as suggested nothing untoward found.

  User-1229748 14:28 24 Sep 2008

are you still receiving the pop ups?

  Clapton is God 14:32 24 Sep 2008

"I only have one avg - Mcafee"

So what do you have - AVG or McAfee ?

They're both separate and unrelated AV (anti-virus) programs.

Or are you simply mixing your use of initials/acronyms?

  Fingees 14:34 24 Sep 2008

Just a point,.
You seem to mix up AVG with any anti virus programme.
In facct AVG is a seperate anti virus programme on its own.

Hence the mix up If you mentionb Microsoft anti virus for instance, its AV. not AVG.

Just to help you in the future.

All the best.

  highside 16:51 24 Sep 2008

Sorry stupid mistake have McAfee not the AVG program

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