Microsoft Autoroute 2006 - speech too quiet

  JasonPN 19:43 15 Jun 2006

Hi all - I' a new poster so don't flame me (not yet anyway)

I recently purchased Autoroute 2006 with a GPS along with an Advent Laptop to replace my (now gone to iPAQ heaven) 5450.

I have got a bit of problem with the speech engine - it's just waaaay too quiet - that coupled with the fact that my car's pretty well knackered means that I can't hear the thing when I'm driving faster than about 10mph.

If anyone can suggest how I can get the volume louder (I have gone throught the speech settings in the control panel and it's up to "9") - I have also tried connecting a set of cheapo speakers that used to be connected to my old walkman but it's still not working.

Any help would be appreciated - otherwise I'll have to buy an orange austin allegro, beige trousers and wear a hat whilst driving to explain why I'm driving so damn slowly ;)


  Diodorus Siculus 19:58 15 Jun 2006

Are other sounds ok on the laptop?

  JasonPN 20:04 15 Jun 2006

Yep - all the other sounds are working fine - even the windows "tum tiddle dum dum" thing at the start at a decent volume - it's just the speech that lets it down

  Diodorus Siculus 20:10 15 Jun 2006

Sorry I can't help...

You did give me a smile though :-)

  woodchip 23:36 15 Jun 2006

Get some earphones as you will not get enough out of a Laptop in a car

  JasonPN 13:18 16 Jun 2006

The problem with earphones is that they mean that I can't hear the radio (with one ear) and that my other ear needs my hands-free headset.

Short of getting another blue tooth earpiece just for the laptop - I'd end up looking even wierder than usual.

Are there any decent self (or USB) powered speaker that I could use) or does anyone know of a registry tweak that would make the speech engine as loud as the system sounds?

  woodchip 15:43 16 Jun 2006

I use USB powered Speacers and they are good
click here

  JasonPN 16:12 16 Jun 2006

I don't mind trying some USB speakers, the only thing that worries me is that the other system sounds are loud enough and if these were boosted it would be too loud when you consider how ludicrously quiet the voice is in autoroute.

Considering that microsoft use their TTS engine as part of their "accessibility options" for those who are partially sighted, you'd think it'd be at least as loud as the system sounds.

If I boost the speech engine so it's as loud at the system sounds are now, the (boosted) system sounds would drown out my Des O'Connor's greatest hits CD!!

  jwsp 10:29 20 Jun 2006

What I don't understand about using Autoroute in a car - especially if you add speakers - is how you manage to keep your laptop charged for anything other than the shortest journey? If it gives out ten miles from your destination and you don't have a map, you're lost!

  JasonPN 17:21 20 Jun 2006

Ahh... that Grasshopper is the where Road Warrior first learns art of mobile computing.

Power come not from battery of laptop but from battery of car... (via the ciggy lighter and an in-car power adapter from Maplins - cheaper than buying an invertor).

Means that your laptop charges between calls whilst running autoroute.

I have bought some USB speakers - but it's not the most elegant of solutions

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