Microsoft Anytispaware

  March Wind 19:56 08 Mar 2011

Microsoft Antispyware was 6 years out of date. Not sure what going on but it looks as if I am downloading a later version of it. Is it alright to go ahead as I have Avira Anti Virus? Will they clash?

  Nontek 20:10 08 Mar 2011

They should not clash.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:12 08 Mar 2011

Microsoft antispyware is now part of Microsoft security essentials you Must not have MSE and another Antivirus program running they will clash.

You can have more than one Antispyware program running at the same time.

  Nontek 20:24 08 Mar 2011

My apologies to you - Fruit Bat /\0/\ is of course correct - I was remembering a very early Microsoft Antispyware version.

  March Wind 20:34 08 Mar 2011

Thank you. Are you are telling me not to have both running? May be I should keep the down load without installing it ready for when, or if I want it as Avira runs out in June. and if I cannot download it then maybe I can continue with downloading Microsoft Antispyware. (Microsoft Antispyware is it a AntiVirus)?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:42 08 Mar 2011

Assuming your running Vista or Windows 7

When Avira expires uninstall it

MAke sure Windows own firewall is switched on.
install MSE (its antivirus and antispy)
back it up with the free edition of Malwarebytes (scan weekly as a check MSE is working in realtime to stop any nasties) and install SpywareBlaster as a blocker.

You will be well protected for free.

  Sea Urchin 20:52 08 Mar 2011

It's not clear just which program you are referring to - do you mean Microsoft Security Essentials as referred to by Fruit Bat /\0/\?

  March Wind 22:56 08 Mar 2011

I have XP pro. I am running Avira. I will come back to you nearer the time. I am not sure if Windows own firewall is switched on, or if I have to put it on and how. Also I thought I would have to come off line to un install, then go on line to install. (Install SpywareBlaster as a blocker)? Not sure about this either. Do you mean to install SpywareBlaster?

Please come back to me near the time as I will be in need of your help. by saying this I am not telling you not to come back now.

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