Microsoft AntiSpyware

  carper 16:06 17 Feb 2005

I have just downloaded Microsoft Antispyware program including the update which it suggests and have then tried to run a scan. The scan ran about 1700 items, found a spyware "tiny browser and then stopped.
The same thing happened three times and refused to respond to any closure. The only way I could get out was to switch the power off. I am running I am running the usual antispyware, Adaware Spybot, Blaster, AVG, Sygate firewall. Should any of these be turned off. Anyone had a similar experience.
Regards Carper

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 16:10 17 Feb 2005

You should not need to turn off any of the other programs you have, and MS Antispyware is a 'Beta' version. I would report your findings to MS so they can investigate the problem.

  plsndrs3 16:13 17 Feb 2005

I downloaded this yesterday. I had a bit of trouble authenticating my WinXP after a reformat, but other than that no problems. Downloaded update & did a scan ok [found nothing] Isn't Spybot a 'real time' protection device? If so, it might interfere with the MS equivalent.



  JaßîsFaß ˜ 16:13 17 Feb 2005
  plsndrs3 16:14 17 Feb 2005

Sorry, 'spybot' = blaster

  dazza39 16:20 17 Feb 2005

I downloaded this as well,no problems found a good program,and it authenticated my version of Windows ok.I don't use any other Spyware.

  sunny staines 17:57 17 Feb 2005

I have the first three anti spyware programs you mention & microsoft antispyware with no problems so you can eliminate them from the cause

  carper 10:45 18 Feb 2005

Thanks for your interest, I have forwarded a message to Micxrosoft and will advise of any outcome. Regards Carper

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