Microsoft Activation

  Munchkin 17:06 11 Apr 2007

I have recently purchased a licenced copy of Microsoft Office 2007. I understand the logic behind the system whereby you have to enter a product registration key code and in return your copy of the program is varified as legitimate by an "Activation Code". What if my PC were to be lost, stolen, destroyed, burst into flames ! If I were then to reinstall on a new PC with the same product registration key code, would the Microsoft "Activation Code" database not recognize the key code as having already been installed ???

  Fingees 17:26 11 Apr 2007

The code would be valied OK if installed on another computer, if the first one was destroyed or damaged etc.

You would however have to explain to Microsoft over their activation telephone line, as it would not work automatically by connecting over the internet, after the first time.

Remember, you buy the licence, you don't own the software.

1 Program, = 1PC

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