Microsoft Access and UML

  beastieboy 11:29 21 Feb 2003


is it possible to convert a Microsoft Access database to UML directly, or via any intermediate software?

Many thanks in advance,


  davidg_richmond 11:52 21 Feb 2003

how do you mean into UML? do you want to represent the database as a class diagram or statechart?

i know Microsoft Visio will help you represent these but it has to be put in manually as its for design and not reverse-engineering.

i dont think it will be possible, hopefully a DB manager out there could prove me wrong

  beastieboy 11:55 21 Feb 2003

I would like it to go to a class diagram really, but will be happy with a statechart.

When you say that Visio will do it and it has to be put in manually - can you explain this further.



  davidg_richmond 12:36 21 Feb 2003

visio is a modelling tool that allows loads of different design methods to be implemented. doing class diagrams is quite easy - you select UML project from the list - and theres loads more such as database diagrams etc - then drag and drop the class boxes onto the A4 form. then its just a matter of filling in the attributes and methods and creating relationships. its quite a powerful and easy way to represent that kind of thing without going through reams of paper or reading books to find out how they are created

  beastieboy 13:46 21 Feb 2003


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