Microsoft Access Issues

  Poloman69 23:51 07 Feb 2003

Is there any way to run a form in Microsoft Acess 2000 'outside' of the access window, or even find a way to convert a database into an exe. file.

Just that i am doing a simple database for my workplace, and want all of the users to have access to it - but not to have them waste time loading up access first of all.

Basically so it looks like a 'floating form'

  mickmoran61 00:14 08 Feb 2003

As far as I am aware you cannot separate forms/applications created in MS Access from the Access application itself. In other words each user of your database must have MS Access loaded onto their computer. You can make your application less changeable by converting it into an ".MDE" file (executible database) rather than a ".MDB" file (standard Access Database).You can convert a database to an ".mde" file by pointing to Database Utilities on the Tools menu and clicking "Make MDE File".

Another issue that arises in a multiple user situation (presumably using a local network), is where is the database to be held. MS Access is not the ideal database environment for multiple users. You will need to know how to set up a central server database (eg. SQL Server) to which Access or other front end interfaces can connect.

Hope this is helpful!

  Ben Avery 00:29 08 Feb 2003

Is it "simple" enough to produce in MS Word, thereby aleviating the need for access at all?


  mickmoran61 00:49 08 Feb 2003

I don't think any database information is capable of being carried by/in MS Word. The closest you could get is MS Excel, but this is a way of storing any database that I would seriously shy away from!


  Pauper 01:13 08 Feb 2003

Poloman69, what your are asking for is possible, we have had something similar put together at work, basically you have a 'front-end' as we call it which forms the visual interface for the user, and the database which contains all of the data. All of this is put together in access and then distributed to users on a cd from which they can download and install the front-end which then allows them to access the information as necessary - i.e. through a series of dependent selections or whatever you require, this does not entail the end user to have access installed. Now for the bad news, due to the far flung expertise in this field we had to have an outside firm involved who set it up, so the upshot is, I can probably find out what you need to do - or at least point you in the right direction, but it will have to be Monday at the earliest unless someone else can jump in.

  mickmoran61 01:29 08 Feb 2003


Can you explain the database link? Or is what you are describing just an independent utility that each user can do their own thing with. Are you sure it was created in Access. To me it looks more like an application designed in Visual Basic, C++, etc.

If each user is to be able to look at a database, query it, and input data into it, there must be a CENTRAL server to hold the information (data). I think your CD was the "front end" of the application, but I would like to know where the database is held.I would assume on a central server computer linked to all of the user computers. You cannot have lots of people updating their own individual databases, on their own computers, and expect to retrieve any meaningful information from the whole group.


  Pauper 13:12 08 Feb 2003

mickmoran61, this is all compiled through access as far as I am aware, the database is either on the cd for individual use or held on a server for access on site, both options use the same front end for looking at the database which does not require MS access to be installed, the database on the cd's obviously can't be updated, but the main server can provided that the user has admin rights. The important thing is that the user can interact with the database by only loading the frontend not Access. As I said however it will have to wait until Monday at the earliest for me to look into it further.

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