madPentium 16:56 06 Nov 2003

I have ordered server 2003 today as the server running xp pro can only support 10 concurrent users. I cant believe their structure with this product. Although it's cheaper than server 2000 it only comes with a 5 user starter licence. Who the heck is gonna run 2003 with just 5 users? it isnt justifiable. Then you have to buy the extra licences on top of that. These come in packs of 5. Yes 5. So for 20 users, you need 2003 + 3 licence packs. Bill Gates sure catches you on everything doesnt he. I remember the days when you could for example buy 10 licence packs which would be cheaper than 2X5. YOu could even buy 20.

if you have such a big problem with it why not look at 'open source' alternatives, they are out there and will save you a lot of money.

  Stuartli 17:09 06 Nov 2003

Mr Gates has a standard of living to maintain, otherwise his missus will leave him...:)

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