MicroSD Card copying.

  techie4me 16:42 20 Oct 2007

I need to copy the files on a MicroSD Card from 1 card to a larger one for a client.
The card they got with their phone is 256MB and they need the applications to fit onto a 4GB Card.
The 4GB then will have their music, photos & other related software on it.
When i try to copy the files it states it's copyrighted.
Anyway to get round this (legally).

  Smiler 16:55 20 Oct 2007

What are you using to copy the files?

  woodchip 16:59 20 Oct 2007

Do you mean you need a SD adapter? so it fits a normal SD slot?

  woodchip 17:03 20 Oct 2007

Like this click here=

  techie4me 17:05 20 Oct 2007

We need to copy Opera Web browser & other Nokia Apllications from the standard MicroSD Card to the 4GB Card which is currently formatted but no data on it.

Using the MicroSD Card with the SD Adaptor in a media card reader it states that the standard card that came with the phone is copyrighted protected when trying to copy the files over.

The shop failed to tell my clent this who needs the larger storage so that they can have the phone applications & the added software that we will install on the larger card, mostly work files, a word viewer and various other NHS applications.

  techie4me 10:34 21 Oct 2007


  techie4me 12:42 23 Oct 2007

Managed once we got the CD Software from the client to copy using the Nokia Phone Browser & Mobile via usb cable to the PC.

All data copied over from 128MB Card to 2GB Card & all other software required etc.
Seems others have had the same problem after doing a google search!

  techie4me 17:00 23 Oct 2007

It's easy when you know how!

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