Microphone for skype

  PC840 22:43 23 Aug 2010

A fiend has bought a cheap desktop microphone from Currys for using on Skype. But it doesn't seem to be sensitive enough to sit on the desk, you have too get right up to it and speak in it. Is this right? Because I've tried line in and microphone socket, as well as adjusting levels to max!


  Nontek 22:50 23 Aug 2010

No. that is not right, have you done the Free Audio check in Skype to test it?

  northumbria61 22:50 23 Aug 2010

I would recommend a "Combined Headset" - I use a Plantronics - excellent - click here

** Recommended for Skype ** - I got mine from PC World but you can order from Amazon (see link I have provided)

  Nontek 22:55 23 Aug 2010

Or better still, get a good Webcam with built-in mic - like the Logitech 9000Pro for instance.

click here

  PC840 23:18 23 Aug 2010

'have you done the Free Audio check in Skype to test it?'No, but I'll try tomorrow!

  onthelimit 08:43 24 Aug 2010

I second the Logitech recommendation - good video and excellent sound.

  PC840 17:56 26 Aug 2010

It was the wrong type of microphone, at least it's not sensitive enough to be what I would consider a decktop mic!

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